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Our range of desk diaries, also known as appointment diaries, come in a wide range of sizes and formats. Within this section you will find academic diaries that generally run from August to August, week to view diaries, day per page diaries, 2 day per page and 2 page per day diaries.

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Buyers Guide

Despite there now being many more technologically advanced methods of managing your time the basic paper diary, and specifically the desk diary, are still one of the most popular stationery items on the market. Even though phones, tablets and computers might be able to organise your time and send you reminders for appointments or meetings they lack the simplicity a desk diary can offer. In truth, both desk diaries and phone/computer based tools have their merits and most people find that a combination of both types is most successful.

When we talk about desk diaries we are referring to larger sized diaries, normally A4 or A5, that can sit on your desk and be referenced throughout the day. Generally these diaries will display either a full week or single days over one or two pages. There are smaller format diaries such as pocket diaries that are perfect for handbags and, well, pockets. Also available are diary refills which fit into personal organisers or Filofax and are changed each year.

Desk Diaries Most Common Formats........

Week to View - This type if desk diary shows a complete week over two pages and so when the diary is open a full week can be viewed with the need to turn pages. Generally Monday to Wednesday are shown on one page and Thursday and Friday on the next. The weekend days are normally given less space at the bottom of the second page. Depending on the diaries size there will be a varying amount of space to make notes or details appointments and meetings. Week to view diaries have less pages than other formats and therefore less weight making them suitable for carrying around.

Two Days per Page - This format will show two days on each page of the diary providing more space per day to make notes than is available on a week to view diary.

Day per Page - These will show one complete day on each page of the diary. This type of diary is often used as an appointment or meeting diary and generally each day will be split into one hour or half intervals where details bookings can be added. Weekends are often combined onto a single page so it’s worth double checking if you need these days to have as much space as week days

Two Pages per Day - This style of desk diary has one day displayed across two full pages of the diary giving lots of space to make notes, appointments or meetings. As with day to page diaries they are often sectioned into one hour or half hour intervals.

Most desk diaries, regardless of their format, will also have a number of additional basic features including current year planners, 3 year calendar that shows the current, last and forthcoming years, bank holidays and holidays, time zones, dialling codes and conversion charts. Many will also have names and address section as well as few pages for note taking.

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