7 Top Tips to Stay Friday Focused

I am starting to write this post on Friday afternoon at 4:15pm. The 4th Test of the 2015 Ashes series is on the radio, plus we have the added distraction that from our office we can see the Trent Bridge floodlights and hear every cheer as the Australian wickets fall. If I’m honest my motivation for work is starting to ebb away as my mind turns towards the weekend and possibly the odd cheeky pint in my local.

I’m fairly convinced that I’m not the only one feeling my motivation slipping on a Friday so thought I would investigate what can be done to stay focused during the last few hours of the working week. Below are our 7 top tips to stay Friday focused.

1 - Have a target

At the start of the day decide what you want to achieve by the end of Friday afternoon and write it down. Keep the piece of paper on your desk somewhere that’s clearly visible to you. Take a realistic approach to the workload you can get through. If you try and do too much you’ll simply get disheartened when it’s clear that you’re not going finish the list and give up. To help your motivation you can even plan a reward that you’re going to give yourself if you do finish your ‘To Do’ list for the day.

2 - Plan your lunch

It’s Friday, the usual healthy lunch time rules don’t apply, right? Well maybe they can be relaxed but it’s worth bearing in mind that a big meal at lunch can make you feel sluggish in the early afternoon and is certainly not conducive to productive afternoon. Carbohydrates are the thing to avoid so try not to each too much pasta, bread or potatoes. Instead try and have low carb foods such as fish, eggs and vegetables. Another idea is to eat a few small meals during the day rather than one large intake during lunch. Your body can process smaller meals more easily and you’re less likely to feel tired after eating with this approach.

3 - A breath of fresh air

If you start to feel tired during the day try and get outside into the sunshine and fresh air. Vitamin D from the sun will help you feel more awake and a brisk walk will help energise your body and wake up a sleepy Friday brain.

4 - PMA

A positive mental attitude (PMA) to a Friday can make the world of difference to how you feel. If you wake up thinking it’s going to be long and boring day chances are it will be. If you think positively about what you want to achieve and how you’re going to make it a good day then your Friday can be fun and productive.

7 Top Tips to Stay Friday Focused

5 - Have a pick me up

No, not the alcoholic kind, that’s for after work. This one is designed to keep you firing on all cylinders until 5:30pm! Coffee and tea, drunk in moderation, are a good way of introducing some caffeine into your system to give your mental alertness a little boost. Green Tea is a healthier alternative to traditional hot drinks or for a Friday treat why not try some dark chocolate which can also provide a little caffeine kick.

6 - Friday fun

A little bit of humour or office banter can help lift spirits, keep motivation high and help you plough through your to do list without it feeling like a chore.

7 - Healthy competition

If you work in a team or do the same job as a few other people then why not create a little friendly office competition. Decide on a task that you all need to perform during the day and award a prize for the individual who completes the task first or achieves the best results. It doesn’t need to be a huge prize you award the winner; the most important thing will be bragging rights for the following week.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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