A3 Paper

A3 Paper measures 297 x 420mm and is an international standard paper size. A3 paper is the same size as two pieces of A4 paper laid side by side in portrait format. As this type of paper is not sold in such large quantities as A4 paper it is only available in single reams of 500 sheets rather than in boxes. At Office Allsorts we stock a wide variety of A3 papers from our own low cost own brand 5 Star to well known paper manufacturers such as Data copy and Navigator. A3 Paper ranges in weight from 80gsm up to 160gsm which is considered to be a lightweight card.

If you need any help selecting the best A3 paper for your requirements or you are looking to purchase in bulk then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

A3 paper is a relatively common product and is used for drawings, diagrams, large tables and displaying data amongst other things. As with A4 size paper many users will be happy with the entry level 80gsm white paper, however there is lots of choice available and you may want to consider the options below before making your purchase.

What should you consider before ordering A3 paper……..

Colour - For business use the most popular colour of paper is white, unless you feel like brightening up your bosses day and decide to produce the companies sales figures on a pretty pastel pink maybe! Should this unlikely event occur or you need A3 coloured paper for another reason then a limited range of colours are available from our standard stock. The choice is much smaller than with A4, however if you do require a certain colour that is not available on the website please call us on 0115 9455833 as will be able to source your requirements as a special purchase. If ordering white paper then be sure to look for the ‘CIE’ number which is the grading system used to determine the whiteness of paper. A perfect grade is 100, however most office paper will be between 130 and 170 on the scale. The closer your paper is to 100 the whiter it will appear.

Weight - Paper weight is measured in grams per square meter (gsm) and the entry level A3 papers are generally 80gsm. For higher quality paper, maybe for producing reports or for documents to be used in customer meetings look for 90gsm to 120gsm weights.

Environmental Impact - The production of paper generally involves the cutting down of tree, unless of course it comes from 100% recycled pulp. As we all know the rate at which deforestation is happening around the world is alarming and is one of the key factors behind global warming. Many papers, generally very cheap ones, are produced from virgin, unprotected and unmanaged forests. When trees like this are chopped down they are not replaced which leads to the loss of forests which provide vital resources for the environment. All businesses, no matter what volumes they are using, should consider what type of paper they are buying and ensure their suppliers only provide correctly sourced product. The simple way to determine if a paper is being produced to ethical and environmentally sustainable standard is to look for the Forestry Stewardship Council mark (FSC). If your paper has the FSC mark then it is produced in a sustainable manner that means its production does not detrimentally harm the environment. For more information on the FSC and the work they do please click here.

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