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Despite the modern day reliance on computer based accounting packages there’s still a lot of people who prefer to record and analyse their accounts in hard copy books or ledgers. Accounting books and paper covers the following products.

Analysis Books - These are bound cash and accounts analysis books from Collins Cathedral. They come in a numbered series, starting from a simple Series 3 book comprising 192 pages with 3 Cash Colums per page for simple cash analysis up to a series 32 which has 32 cash columns over 2 pages.

Analysis Pads - These are very similar to Analysis books in terms of their layout and purpose, the difference being that instead of being bound books, they are pads with holes punched on the left hand side to allow completed pages to be removed and filed in lever arch files or ring binders.

Analysis Paper - This is paper specifically designed for use in counter top sales receipt systems such as the Twinlock Scribe system. The paper is usually in 2 or 3 part carbonated allowing hard copies to be kept and originals of the sales receipts to be given to customers. In addition we have paper for Twinlock Variform and Crown accounting systems.

Accounts Books - These are books from simple, small 2 part petty cash pads to complete specialised Account Books systems from Collins which provide all the necessary accounting needs for small businesses and shopkeepers who deal with cash transactions. They come in a variety of styles including casebound books from Black and Red, Collins and Guildhall to spiral bound books and simple pads.

If you need Accounting Books or paper it’s likely you’ll know exactly the type of book you usually use or need but if you’re unsure, please give us a call on 0115 9455833 and we’ll happily advise you on the most appropriate accounting book, pad or paper for your requirements.

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