Adhesives or glues come in all shapes and sizes and strengths and importantly differ in how they are applied as gone are the days of a glue pot and brush. We sell adhesives from Sellotape, Uhu, Pritt, 3M, Bostik and the budget brand, 5 Star.

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Solid Glue sticks, such as Pritt-Stick is the adhesive of choice around the office. Most are washable and are clean and quick to use.

For those that need a strong instant bond we also sell industrial glues from 5 Star, Uhu and Loctite. This type of glue, also commonly known as Super Glue, are applied straight from the tube or using a brush applicator. Try to source an appropriate glue that is solvent free. These industrial glues can be used to bond many materials other than paper such as metal, glass, wood, fabric and rubber. Be very careful when using these instant bond glues as they were developed for sealing skin together in the treatment of wounds and therefore can easily glue your fingers together.

But you don’t have to limit yourself to traditional adhesives as they now come in all sizes, shapes and perform many different functions around the home and office.

Blutac and Whitetac are re-usable adhesive putties used to fix posters and documents to walls. We also supply glue rollers, from the manufacturer Pritt, which applies a thin strip of adhesive with pin-point accuracy to documents. As an alternative to glue strip dispensers, UHU have dispensers which dispense glue dots and micro dots which provide either an instant permanent bond or alternatively a non-permanent bond.

If you need adhesives to be applied to large areas, for example to mount documents or photos, then look for the spray mount adhesives from 3M. Some of these give an almost instant bond whereas others will allow the document to be re-positioned if you get the positioning wrong first time. So, as you can see, the range of adhesives, glues, sticky strips and spray mount glues is extensive in their uses and applications.

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