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If you need to stick something to something else then you're in the right place. This category covers all our adhesive products including tapes, glues and sticky pads. We supply top brands including Sellotape, Blu-Tack and Scotch as well as the 5 Star economy range that offers a high quality product at an affordable, pocket friendly price.

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Buyers Guide

Glue, adhesives and tapes come in any number of forms and are suitable for a wide variety of purposes. Whether it's a glue stick for light adhesion, Blu-Tack for sticking posters or documents to walls or super glue which provides an instant strong bond we have a range of products suitable. Our buyers guide below will take you through the key products available in this category.

Adhesives - The adhesives section covers a wide range of products that are suitable for a vast number of applications. Spray mount also known as display mount is a clear aerosol spray used for mounting and bonding artwork, exhibition materials, 3D models and much more. It is clear, odourless and CFC free, bonds quickly but allows time for remounting and adjustment. This section also holds our multi-purpose and super glue which sticks in seconds without the need for any heating and provides a strong and long lasting bond. One of the most widely used and popular type of glue is the glue stick with the most well known brand being Pritt Stick. Invented in 1969 by Henkel, Pritt Stick is a by far the market leader and is a quick, clean and simple glue that can be used by adults and children alike. Blu-Tack is another familiar brand name and one that has become so dominant that people now refer to the product by the brand name in a similar way to Vacuums being called Hoovers. Blu-Tack is a mastic adhesive that is clean and re-useable and has wide array of uses.

Sellotape and Clear Tape - Sellotape is such a dominant brand in this product group that many people refer to clear sticky tape as Sellotape. However, as well as Sellotape we also supply the Scotch brand or sticky tape and the low cost 5 Star brand. Sticky tape is available in a two main core sizes and a variety or widths and lengths. If you are purchasing your tape to fit into a tape dispenser be careful to check the size of tape required as it is easy to make a mistake. If you need any help please contact the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Double Sided Tape - As the name indicates double sided tape has two sticky sides rather than just one. To apply the tape simply stick the exposed sticky side to the desired location and then remove the peel able backing tape to expose the second sticky side. Double sided tape is ideal for budding Blue Peter presenters and anyone doing display mounting or exhibition work. This type of tape is often known as artist tape as it is often used for mounting artwork.

Packing Tape - Used for securing boxes and cartons for the shipping of goods and commonly found in warehouses and despatch facilities. For speed of application packaging tape is used with hand help tape dispensers (tape guns) which allow for the tape to be applied to the box, pulled taught and cut all in one hand movement. Most packing tape is brown (buff) or clear and is much wider than standard sticky tape as 48mm to 50mm. Low noise tapes are available and are ideal for use with tape dispensers as the standard tapes can be noisy when pulled quickly.

Invisible Tape - Invisible tape virtually disappears once applied and is also low tack so can be removed much more easily than standard sticky tapes. It can be written on or typed over and so can be used to correct mistakes on written materiel. Top brands names supplied include Sellotape and Scotch.

Masking Tape - Made from Crepe paper, masking tape is used whilst painting or in studios. Good masking tape should remove cleanly and leave no deposit, however there are time limits on how long the tape can be left for so always read the manufacturer guidance before applying.

Printed Tape - Our printed tape section contains a wide range of tapes and labels that can help any despatch facility. For items that may become damaged in transit we have fragile and handle with care tape. For internal use within a warehouse we have sold, quarantine and reject tapes. The same messages are also available in label form along with many other useful options.

Suspension Tape - Double sided high strength tape that is used to suspend charts and plans vertically on walls.

If you’d like to know more about Sellotape and their range of products available why not visit the Sellotape website.

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