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Archive storage solutions include cardboard archive boxes, archive files and envelopes. These are great for storing those files and documents that you might just need one day or when HMRC and the VAT man come knocking. We stock a wide range of strong corrugated cardboard archive boxes. They come flat packed so are easily stored until needed and are robust enough and come with lids to securely store large quantities of paper and files. We supply archive storage from R-Kive, Fellowes and the budget brand 5 Star.

If you need something even more robust and possibly water proof then look at our wide range of plastic storage boxes . Alternatively if you are need to store information or paperwork at home then our home filing section may be perfect for you.

If you need any help or advice about archiving products or are looking to order in large volumes please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115945583.

Buyers Guide

Is archiving really necessary?

The simple answer is yes. All businesses in the UK are required to keep records of all traded goods for four years and be able to shown these records to HMRC if required. If you are a VAT registered company you must keep records and accounts and if you import or export goods you must declare these movements and keep the appropriate records.

Different industries also have differing requirements of what information must be kept and also how securely. A lot of companies, such as those in the financial markets, will deal with sensitive information and therefore more stringent rules are in place that governs their storage.

For more information a good starting point for all businesses is -your trade-documents

What to consider when ordering archive storage.....

Material - The vast majority of archive boxes are made from cardboard, the only exceptions are the specialist water proof and flame retardant boxes made by Fellowes. These ingenious boxes are manufactured from corrugated plastic and are designed to float even when loaded with up to 12kg of contents. As far as the cardboard archive boxes are concerned much of your decision making will come down to the strength of the boxes required. If you are simply filling you archive boxes with paper or files popping the lid on sending them off to storage then you may only need the entry level 5 Star brand. If you boxes are likely to be used more frequently, perhaps their contents need to be referred to from time to time, then a more robust Fellowes Bankers Box will be required that will stand up better to being moved and general wear and tear.

Capacity – Most archive boxes will have the capacity to take at least five full A4 lever arch files or 10 full ring binders. Alternatively, if you are simply archiving A4 paper not held inside a binder then your boxes should be able to hold approximately 2000 sheets of paper.

Colour - Possibly not the most the crucial decision as most archive boxes are generally kept in cupboards and storerooms and are not required to be aesthetically pleasing. However, there are several different colour options available and these can be used for segmenting your archiving into different subjects or departments.

Best Selling Products

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