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Ballpoint pens are the world’s favourite type of pen due to their reliability and inexpensive costs. The ballpoint pen also known as ball pen or biro is an office essential and that's why we make sure we stock an extensive selection for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a cheap box of pens for the stationery cupboard or something a little more stylish ballpoint pens will have something to suit your needs.

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Buyers Guide

First patented by Laszlo Biro (Yes Really!) on 15th June 1938, the ballpoint pen uses a fast drying thick ink which is transferred to the paper as the ball in the socket turns and ink is fed by gravity onto the ball and then the paper.

The thickness and viscosity of the ink in comparison to fountain pens means ballpoint pens are less likely to leak and smudge; that said, it’s not advisable to leave one in your pocket without a lid. They do require the user to exert more pressure when writing than using a fountain pen which is ideal if you are writing onto carbonated paper and require impressions to be made on subsequent copies. However, it can be difficult to use ballpoint pens if the user is infirm and has difficulty gripping objects firmly and applying pressure in which case a fountain pen might be a more appropriate pen to use.

Bic cristal pens are reportedly the most widely used pen in the world and have even earned a permanent place in New York’s museum of modern art. The pens hexagonal barrel copies that of a pencil and is clear so the ink level is clearly visible.

What to look for when purchasing ballpoint pens.....

Nib Size - Nib sizes on ballpoint pens range from 0.5mm to 1.2mm and are most commonly made of brass or steel. They can write on most surfaces with the exception of highly polished or smooth surfaces such as glass, metal and plastic.

Price - Ballpoint pens vary in sophistication and price. At one end there’s the basic disposable ballpoint with a cap for around £0.07 pence a pen to ones from Mont Blanc that cost tens of thousands of pounds.

Grip - When it comes to writing in comfort it’s largely down to personal preference the type of pen you like. The vast majority of ballpoint pens have no grip and are typically just a plastic barrel; this is especially true of the lower end of the market. Manufacturers such as Papermate and Bic offer comfort grips and comfort barrels that give a softer feel to the pen with the idea being it offers a more comfortable writing experience. This feature is great for people who write a lot of for extended periods of time.

Throw Away or Refill - Most ballpoints are made of plastic and are simply thrown away when the ink runs out. However, manufacturers such as Parker produce pens which have a removable ink cartridge, that, once finished are removed and replaced. This type of pen is generally manufactured to a higher quality and offers a superior writing experience.

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