Nothing is more important to many people than their morning cup of tea or coffee and that’s why we stock a wide range of both to make sure you start your day feeling good. If tea and coffee aren’t your thing then we also stock a number of other hot drink options including hot chocolate and the ever popular Bovril. Our cold drink range include a wide selection of bottled waters as well as fruit juices and big brand soft drinks including Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Tango.

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Buyers Guide

Whether you’re a small business or a large organisation providing a drinks selection for staff members is an easy and low cost perk of the job that anyone can offer. Purchasing tea and coffee in large volumes brings down the cost and means workers can enjoy their favourite morning brew for free which will give them a more positive feeling about the company.

Coffee - Has become much more popular since the turn of the century with UK consumption rising by 40% since 2000. Much of this growth is fuelled by the rise of the high street coffee shop chains but the popularity of the coffee bean is being translated into instant coffee with major supermarkets reporting sales up by 6% year on year. The choice of coffee for home or work consumption continues to grow with popular choices such as Nescafe, Gold Blend and Kenco being joint by Barista style instant coffee that aims to provide the flavour of the coffee shop in an instant. Filter coffee has also become much more popular and many people now use coffee pod machines such as Nespresso that provide high quality coffee without the need to head to the local coffee shop.

Tea - While coffee goes through its own mini revolution traditional tea sales are in decline in the UK. However, the decline is not all down to the growth of coffee; instead it is the expansion of the range of teas now readily available on the market. Green tea, for example, saw sales increase by 83% between 2010 and 2012 and similar trends can be seen with most blends excluding the black teas such as English breakfast and Earl Grey. We recognise the need for plenty of tea choice and sell a wide range of popular infusions from brands including Twinings and Clipper.

Cold Drinks - For rehydration, especially during warm weather, nothing beats water. Our range includes big names such as Harrogate, Buxton and Evian in a choice of sizes that means you can keep a bottle on your desk or in your bag and stay refreshed all day. Soft drinks also have their place, and whilst they may not refresh as well as water they can be enjoyed in moderation. This section also includes and range or fruit juices and squashes.

Hot Drinks -Enjoy a hot chocolate from family favourites Cadbury and Aero, or to bring back memories of standing on the football terrace we have Bovril beefy drink.

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