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A binding machine or binder as they are also commonly known binds together loose sheets of paper to form a bound document. Binders can use a number of different methods to secure the pages with the most popular being Comb Binding, Wire Binding and Thermal Binding. Binding machines can be either manual or electric and they can range in price from £50 up to several hundred depending on the machines specifications.

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Buyers Guide

Here at Office Allsorts we supply a vast range of binding machine to suit all budgets and requirements. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or for more information relating to each type of binding technology please take a look at our buyers guide below.

Comb Binders - Offer a quick, simple and cost effective means of binding and can be used to create books, presentations, training manuals, reports and much more. Comb binders work by first punching holes down the edge of the paper that is to be bound. A binding comb is then fitted onto the binding machines stakes and this is then opened using a lever so that the combs teeth are showing. The punched paper is then slotted over the teeth and the lever released so the teeth close around the paper. One of the key advantages of comb binding over other binding forms is the ability to open the combs to remove or add pages if required. For more information on comb binders please take a look at our blog.

Wire Binders - Are used to produce professional looking documents by securely binding paper between twin loops of wire. The wire binding spines come in seven sizes and can bind anything from 35 to 125 sheets of paper. The benefit of wire binding is that the bound document can open a full 360 degrees and can lie flat on a desktop.

Thermal Binders - Bind paper by heating pre-glued spines which melt and meld around the document to be bound. Thermal binding is not as quick as comb binding or wire binding especially if you are binding large volumes. Another downside is that you cannot remove or add pages as you can with comb binding after the document is bound. However, many people believe thermal binding produces a more professional and long lasting finish and so it still remains a popular binding form.

Coil Binders - Also known as spiral binders are commonly used for book binding and use a helical coil to bind documents together. As with wire binding a coil bound document can be opened a full 360 degrees allowing it to lie flat on a desk or table. Coil binding typically costs a little more than comb binding as the supplies are more expensive to purchase, however the bound document is more secure and is bound to last.

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