Binding Supplies

Binding supplies are used in conjunction with binding machines and it’s essential the correct products are purchased so your machine works correctly. We stock supplies suitable for comb binding, wire binding, thermal binding and velo binding.

A binding machine is an ideal way of quickly and economically creating professional reports and documents. Perfect for use in office, workplaces, schools and colleges they are easy to use and low cost to run.

If you need any help selecting the correct binding supplies for your machine then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833 who will be happy to assist.

Buyers Guide

The type of binding supplies needed will depend on the type of binding machine you use. Comb binders use binding combs, wire binders use binding wires... you get the picture.

At Office Allsorts we supply all types of binding supplies from leading manufacturers including GBC, 5 Star, Rexel and Durable.

Binding supplies include.......

Binding Wires - Offer a professional looking finish to bound documents and are often used for reporters note books and the more upmarket wirebound books such as Black N Red. Binding wires come in a wide range of colours and sizes making them suitable for all sizes of bound documents. The added benefit of binding wires is that the pages can lie flat making them great for photocopying of bound documents. We have binding wires from GBC, Ibico and Rexel. Wire binding, like coil binding, is a slightly more expensive binding option. However, wire binding is a long term solution when compared with cheaper options such as comb binding.

Binding Combs - Made from plastic and come in a variety of colours and sizes from 6mm diameter capable of securing approx. 10 bound pages up to 51mm capable of securing up to 350 sheets. Plastic binding combs can be opened to allow removal or insertion of sheets and then re-used. We have binding combs from GBC and 5 Star. Comb binding supplies also have the added benefit of being cheaper than most other forms as they are manufactured from lightweight plastic rather than metal.

Binding Covers - Are manufactured from pressed board and come in plain or textured finishes such as leather grain or linen and are available in a variety of colours. They are ideal to add as front and back covers to bound documents. We have binding covers from GBC, Rexel, Durable and 5 Star.

Thermal Binding Covers - Incorporate the binding covers with an adhesive linen spine which when placed in the thermal binding machine melts the adhesive on the spine to bind the document. These offer the most professional looking of all the types of binding. We have binding covers from GBC, Ibico and Rexel.

Velobind Strips - Are pronged plastic binding strips for use with the GBC Desktop Velobinder and GBC Surebind systems. They offer secure tamper proof binding, ideal for confidential documents. They are ideal for binding flat bound presentation documents.

Best Selling Products

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