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Because of their capacity to store around 7 times more data than a CD, a DVD is becoming a popular vehicle to store data, images, songs and files. DVDs also come in dual layer and 4 layer (dual layer, 2 sided) formats which multiply their storage capacities substantially. That said, there is some support for the humble CD as despite its somewhat limited storage capacity, durability tests indicate that CDs are more durable than DVDs.

DVDs come in a number of formats and it’s important to ensure that the format you choose is supported on the machine you intend to use to read or play back the data.


These are inexpensive, write once only DVDs. Once recording or saving of the data has been finished, the DVD needs to be ‘finalised’ before it can be read on a machine (other than the one used for the recording). This does mean that as the discs are not re-writable you only get one chance to add data to a disc. It's best to wait until you have a large amount of data to store. DVD+R and DVD-R are common formats and should be capable of being read in most playback machines/appliances.


These are the step up from DVD+R and DVD-R in as much as these discs are re-writable so you can overwrite existing recordings or data with new ones.


DVD-Ram discs are arguably the most versatile of the formats in that data is recorded intelligently using any available part of the disc rather than the disc requiring a single free space on the disc large enough to store the data. Programmes aren’t saved in the order you record them but any available blank space is used. Recording may start off in one part of the disc and, when that’s full, it will skip to the next available blank space rather than needing a single space on the disc big enough to store the whole of the recording. You can also start watching a programme before its finished recording. DVD-RAM disc compatibility is less-common than with the other formats.

DVDs can be sold ‘loose’ on spindles of up to 50 DVDs per spindle or can be sold in Jewel cases, especially useful if you want to distribute or mail out the finished DVD recording.

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