January - 2015

How to Choose a Filing Cabinet

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It’s 7am on a Monday morning. You stumble, bleary-eyed into your office, a steaming mug of coffee in one hand and a fistful of paperwork in the other. You immediately trip over a haphazard stack of suspension files, left on the floor. The filing cabinet is so full you’ve had to wedge a chair against it to stop it from toppling over. Your coffee sloshes over your hand, which is instantly burned by the scalding liquid. You watch in slow-motion as the files you’re carrying tumble to the floor, knocking over this week’s to-do pile, toppling into the remnants of last week’s pile and the one from the week before. You march decisively over to the filing cabinet, battling the top drawer out, only to have the infernal thing abruptly break, depositing the draw and its contents onto your foot.

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