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Top Quality Business Cards: Print your Own

Friday, February 7th, 2014

Every business person needs a great business card. But the process of designing one and sending it to a specialist printer for production can be costly and time consuming. Thankfully there’s a way to do this yourself, and it’s much easier than you may think.

Printing your own cards is as simple as purchasing the right Avery business card product from our website and then downloading the software to your computer. You’ll then be able to create a bespoke design right at your desk. The result is a personalised business card, tent card or correspondence card that you can start using right away.

avery quick and clean business cards

On the more luxurious end of the spectrum you’ll find the Avery Quick and Clean Business Cards. These are printed eight to a sheet, and have a quick drying glossy finish. They are produced in brilliant colours and allow for full bleed, edge to edge printing of each card; a truly professional presentation of your products and services.

For a nice mid-range option, Avery also makes Quick and Clean Business cards in white, which are printed 10 per sheet. These can also be customised with an elegant minimalist logo or your initials. Avery also makes a Matte coated card at eight per sheet.

You can choose to print your own business cards on a regular basis, changing the design according to season. This is great for people who may not need to hand out hundreds of cards on a regular basis.

Printing your own business cards is also very convenient for new staff members or those who may have had a recent change in position. Instead of having to commission entirely new cards, you can simply draft them up and make them quickly available in your office.

If you don’t have time to make the cards yourself, call upon the best label-maker on your staff to use the technology.

Finding Reliable Envelopes and Office Paper Suppliers

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012

When it comes to keeping your office fully stocked with the basics it’s important to use suppliers that you can trust to be reliable. Imagine running out of something as simple as printer paper or envelopes, while waiting on an unreliable delivery? While you might think that that would be no major disaster as you’d simply nip to your local office superstore, consider then the inconvenience and extra expense of having to do that during a busy period or on a regular basis?

Timing your stock levels is a skill. If your office is short on storage, then supplies need to have run down to a certain level before re-stocking. However, you can then be susceptible to being left in the lurch by a late delivery.

EnvelopesThe moral of this story is to find reliable envelopes and office paper suppliers that will allow you to accurately time your deliveries to your own convenience.

You can count on Office Allsorts to get all of your office consumables to you when you want them, with free next day delivery on orders over £40. With a wide range of premium branded products to choose from, as well as the value 5 Star range of office supplies, it’s the place to go for quality, affordable office essentials.

As well as the 5 Star range of office supplies, you’ll also find huge discounts on other branded items at Office Allsorts, helping to make running your office as affordable as possible. Simply browse the easy to navigate categories, or use the search facility, to track down exactly what you want at an appealing price.

Don’t allow your suppliers to dictate your business timetable. Use reliable office stationery suppliers that won’t leave you waiting around for your office essentials.



Author:  Carl Barton

Great Nottingham Based Businesses

Thursday, July 26th, 2012

At Office Allsorts we’re not greedy. While we like to think of ourselves as one of the great Nottingham based business suppliers, we won’t hog the limelight.

Nottingham is a bustling business hub and is part of the UK’s Core Cities Group – cities that have been identified by the government as one of the ‘powerhouses’ of the economy. There are many efficient, creative and great Nottingham based business centres and businesses that add to the city’s economy. Here are our favourites:

Trent Barton Bus Company

The ‘really good bus company’ trent barton is one of the few independent bus operators in the UK, and employs nearly 1000 people across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Its modern, down to Earth, customer centric approach sets it apart from others in the transportation industry.

Recently ranked number 29 on a global list of social brands for its customer interaction, trent barton boasts a fantastic blog and social networking to keep customers informed, engaged and entertained.

Nottingham Science Park

Nottingham Science Park

This architecturally stunning business hub is home to a high concentration of companies specialising in science and technology, which is arguably the fastest growing sector in the city. Since becoming a Science City in 2005, Nottingham has been able to build on its pioneering research and scientific achievements, and this sector employs over 60,000 people with further ambitious plans for growth. Boots, of course, contributes considerably to this, as just one of the national companies choosing to base its HQ in Nottingham.

Office Allsorts is proud to be part of Nottingham’s business economy, and we work hard to count ourselves among the great Nottingham based businesses. With a lowest price guarantee on all office essentials, including a wide range of stationery, equipment and furniture, free next day delivery on orders over £40 and the best levels of service, including live help, we strive to be the best in our field for price, service and range. And the best bit is, we deliver nationwide, so all businesses in the UK can benefit.

How To Start A Business: A Simple Guide

Thursday, April 12th, 2012

Many people dream of starting their own business, but the reality can seem quite overwhelming. It’s important to start as you mean to go on when setting up a business, as a business with strong foundations will have the strongest chances of success.

Here’s Office AllSorts’ simple guide to how to start a business, to help you to lay those first building blocks of success:

The Bright Idea

All good businesses start with a great idea, whether it’s an idea for a brand new product or service, or simply an idea of how you can do what others are doing – only better.

Business Consumable NeedsIf you have an idea that you’re passionate about, and simply can’t stop turning over in your head, then you’re off to a good start. It’s worth running your idea past a few trusted individuals to gauge their opinion, or even heading to a forum such as the one at, to get the opinions of other business owners and entrepreneurs.

Research, Research, Research

A big part of starting up a business is research. You’ll need to identify and research your target market, industry, suppliers (at Office AllSorts we can take care of all your business consumable needs!) and your competitors, as well as the day to day logistics and practicalities of making your business idea work. The more research you can do during the early stages of starting a business, the smoother the start-up is likely to be.

A Shiny Business Plan

Preparing a business plan is a good idea even if you don’t need one to secure business finance, as it will help you to see clearly whether your idea for a business is a viable one.

Of course, you can only estimate incomings and outgoings at this stage, but the process of delving deeper into your business idea can throw up some questions, and hopefully solutions, to strengthen your peace of mind going forward.
Secure Finance (And Set Up a Book-Keeping System)

As soon as you earn or spend your first penny on your business you need to have a good system in place for recording such transactions. Be that a spreadsheet, accountancy software or a simple big black notebook, what’s important for now is that everything gets noted.

When it comes to securing finance to help start up a business it’s vital to shop around the banks and other financial institutions (if that is the borrowing route you decide to take) as a small difference in APR can make all the difference over a long loan term.

Get Ready To Launch!

Once you have all the building blocks for how to start a business in place you should be able to launch your business with confidence, which will in turn instil confidence in your customer base and hopefully lead you down the road of success.

Author:  Carl Barton