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A Few Essentials for Working from Home

Wednesday, August 21st, 2013

Even if you plan to do most of your work from a solid office base, it’s often necessary to at least respond to a few emails from home. If necessary and possible, you can even plan to work from home several days a week. But, without the proper office supplies at home this can become a nightmare of rushing about to try to get things done under less than optimal conditions.

So what’s necessary for a basic home office? The following are just a few essentials that you’ll thank yourself for later.

Lightweight Laptop or Tablet

Any time you have to carry your computer to and from the office, it’s best to have the lightest option available. Do yourself the favour of buying a smaller, more modern computer or tablet to work from. You’ll also want to have a very protective carrying case to put your mind at ease.

Multifunction Printer

Multifunction Printer

Even if you don’t often need to print anything, it’s good to have the right equipment when the time does come to scan and send an important document to a client. You can also of course use a multifunction printer to make copies, etc. without having to wait until you return to your actual office.


You likely already have a telephone at home, along with a mobile phone. But, if you need to make or take an important business call at your house instead of the office, it may be best to have a separate line and number to give out.


Working from home is all well and good until you realise that you still have to balance your home life as well. A functional home office space, no matter how casual, must also have a door that can be closed.

Author: Carl Barton


The Little Extras: Office Bins and More

Friday, May 10th, 2013

So the idea has taken seed in your mind, and you’ve made the decision to start your own business. This of course comes with a world of decisions to make. From finding the appropriate space and location for your office to deciding who it is you’ll hire, you’ll have a range of aspects to consider.

When first starting out, it’s important to cover all the basics first. This includes naming your company, obtaining a business licence, and kitting out your space with the essentials.

Having what you need to perform simple tasks and conduct the transactions that will bring in revenue is important, but there are also certain little extras you won’t want to forget.

Office BOffice Binsins

So, you’re unpacking all that shiny new equipment and realise you have no place to toss the plastic and Styrofoam it came in. Or, your first office lunch was a success, but where will you throw your paper cups? Don’t get caught without proper disposal facilities. Be sure to put office bins on your list of must-have supplies.


Cleaning Supplies

In a perfect world, tidying up around the office would be simple. However, you’ll need to have everything necessary to keep your equipment dust-free and give your bathroom a thorough cleansing. If your office has a kitchen, you’ll also want to have dish soap and sponges readily available.
Chairs for Visitors

Having an attractive, well-functioning office is great, but if you don’t have a place for visitors to sit you may find yourself in trouble. When purchasing your furniture be sure to plan for chairs near the entrance and in each office space.
If you’ve already checked office bins, cleaning items and extra chairs off your list and are still worried you may be forgetting something, give us a call here at Office Allsorts. Our experts will be happy to make appropriate suggestions for your needs.

Author: Carl Barton

Waste Bins to Suit Every Office

Wednesday, March 20th, 2013

Waste bins are items that receive little thought in the planning of an office or new business. With things like payroll, rental expenses, desks, chairs and computer equipment to consider, the humble waste bin may come in last in terms of priority.

However, every space needs a proper place to dispose of rubbish; from simple minimalist offices to gorgeous executive suites. Whether your office is the former or the latter, you’ll need office bins that serve their purpose and last you for years to come.

At Office Allsorts we have waste bins to suit every style and budget. We also have recycling bins to ensure your business is as environmentally friendly as possible.

Some of our most popular bins are those that fit discretely under desks. The Avery DR500 is a great example. This bin features a flat back to reduce the area it requires, and its rim helps secure liners and keeps them in place.

Another bin with a flat side is our attractive Semicircular Metal Bin with decorative perforated trim. A high-end option to complement any sophisticated office, this bin is also very durable, with scratch resistant coating.

Mesh bins such as the Osco Mesh Office Waste bin in silver or black are a versatile option for many businesses. They are sturdy, corrosion and scratch resistant, and great for simple paper waste. They also feature large capacity, meaning they won’t need to be emptied as often.

One of Office Allsorts’ best budget bins is the 5 Star Office Bin in your choice of grey or cobalt blue. Made of polypropylene, this bin is durable yet lightweight; perfect for every room in your office. They also have tapered walls to give them a more interesting shape.

For the best and largest variety of office waste bins, be sure to visit Office Allsorts.


Author: Carl Barton

Choosing a Fan for the Office

Tuesday, May 10th, 2011

Summer is coming and the office is starting to warm up, now is the time to consider buying a fan for home or the office to help keep you cool. Fans come in many types and sizes, from ceiling fans, wall mounted fans, small lightweight desk fans, tower fans or pedestal/stand fans.

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Keep Cool in the Office

Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

Global warming aside, we in the UK still live in a temperate climate but that doesn’t mean to say that during our summers, the office can be a very uncomfortable place to be. In the UK, we’re not geared up for hot, humid temperatures and have in the past, not built our office blocks to cater for this. Continue reading “Keep Cool in the Office” »