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New Telephones for your Office

Monday, July 1st, 2013

Are you in the process of kitting out a new office? You’ll need a telephone system you can count on to provide you with years of service. Or perhaps your office phone system is outdated. It’s always great to switch out your old telephones with modern new ones. Office Allsorts has a wide selection of the best telephones available on the market today- just click on our telephone category to find the best one for your office.


Phones have advanced significantly from the old standard cradle and receiver phones. You can now look for features that mirror the functions on your mobile phone, such as memory buttons, different ring tones and even text messaging if you subscribe to a caller display service.

Some phones have just a few special features, while others have a full range including things like capacity to store up to 200 contacts’ information. To determine which phone will be best for your needs, it’s important to consider how often you’ll be using your telephone. If your company’s operations are conducted mostly online, you may not need to splash out for a very intricate model. If, however, you require advanced teleconferencing tools and find yourself on the telephone throughout most of the day, you’ll need an entirely different phone.  

Most businesses need phones that offer, at the very least, a hold function, capacity for several lines and caller identification. You’ll also want to determine if you prefer to have desktop phones or a cordless option.

Our customer service advisers can help you find the right phones for your company. If you’re having difficulty deciding between several options at a certain price point, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Author: Carl Barton

Buying Office Equipment in Nottingham

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

Budget is a key consideration for all businesses, and ways to save range from reducing energy usage to hiring the minimal amount of staff possible to get the job done.

Corners can be cut in all areas, and you may have already considered the benefits of purchasing low cost office supplies and equipment. But did you know that buying office equipment locally has more advantages than just reducing costs?
Even larger office equipment items can be acquired right here in Nottingham.

Local suppliers such as Office Allsorts tend to offer better customer service than national retailers. We know that local establishments are competing for your business, which is why we hire employees that not only have a better understanding of our products but will work hard toward getting to know your business needs better.

Nottingham Office Equipment

When large retailers move into smaller areas and shut down smaller businesses, it can lead to more jobs lost than the large chain can provide. Employing local individuals contributes to job retention and growth. This has multiple positive economic and social benefits.

The revenue generated from your Nottingham office equipment purchases also recirculates within our community at a much higher rate than money spent at chain stores.

Delivery charges to Nottingham are less than from more distant areas, and you’ll cut down on pollution to the environment by reducing fuel emissions.

Office Allsorts has a wide range of office equipment in Nottingham and supplies needed for any business, so when shopping locally you won’t have to compromise on inferior quality or selection.
Our professional and efficient website allows you to search for any specific item you require. Browse through our selection of office supplies and technology, and be sure to check out our current offers.

Author:  Carl Barton


Office Allsorts: The Best For Nottingham Office Equipment

Tuesday, June 12th, 2012

Remember, when shopping for office equipment the large out of town office superstores aren’t your only option. Why not save money, time and hassle and order Nottingham office equipment from Office Allsorts?

While Office Allsorts is based just outside of Nottingham city centre, we only sell our office equipment online, meaning that you can benefit from our amazing low prices, large range and exceptional service wherever you are based.

Office Equipment OnlineForget driving out of town when you’ve got so many other things that you could be getting on with. You can browse the Office Allsorts website whenever and wherever is convenient for you.

Forget wandering around a large, confusing superstore trying to find what you need. At Office Allsorts, our easy to use website with search facility means that you can track down exactly what you want in seconds.

Forget desperately searching for someone in a uniform polo shirt to assist you with your purchase. Office Allsorts has an instant live help facility during office hours and can be contacted by phone or email. There’s also a handy FAQ section just a click away.

You can also forget about paying the RRP for your office equipment as Office Allsorts offers some amazing discounts on everything from desks to whiteboards. These aren’t just sale gimmicks either – Office Allsorts is committed to giving the best discounts possible on quality goods.

Don’t fear that cheap means low quality or ‘value’ brands. We stock the best, most popular brands including names such as Rexel, Fellowes, Lexmark and more. The only difference between the office equipment at Office Allsorts and the office equipment at an out of town office superstore is likely to be the price.

For a Nottingham office equipment shopping experience of the best kind, wherever your business is based, forget the out of town superstores and try Office Allsorts instead.


Author:  Carl Barton

Office Equipment Nottingham: Amazing Low Prices Online

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

When looking for the best value office equipment, Nottingham based businesses know that they should forget the local office superstores and instead head to the Office Allsorts website. The good news for businesses nationwide is that Office Allsorts is an online retailer so every business owner can benefit from great prices and fantastic service.

Office Equipment

Everything about Office Allsorts has been carefully considered to offer the best possible purchasing experience for customers. The website is easy to use, with a vast product range to choose from. Office stationery, office supplies, technology, gadgets, machines and furniture are all available. These are searchable by price, value, green credentials, brand or special offers, to help you to quickly and easily find what you are looking for.

If, however, you find yourself unable to track down a product, or with an unanswered question regarding a product or any aspect of the purchasing process, Office Allsorts offers a great live chat facility during office hours, so that you can get the instant help that you need while browsing and ordering.

You can also pick up the phone or email an Office Allsorts assistant using the online contact form, who will be only too happy to help.Ballpoint Pens

Office Allsorts is proud of the service that it offers, bringing the lowest priced office supplies (guaranteed!) to businesses nationwide. It is especially proud of the excellent feedback from its customers and currently scores 4.8 out of 5 on (an independent retailer review website).

Whether you’re a local East Midlands based business looking for office equipment in Nottingham, or are from further afield and looking for an online office supplies retailer with the best prices and standards of service, Office Allsorts’ easy to use website should be your first port of call.





Author:  Carl Barton