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Why Space is Important in an Office

Thursday, September 20th, 2012

Many offices charge by the square footage, so it can be tempting to cut costs and go for the smallest space that you can get away with. However, before you sign a lease contract on a shoebox, consider the following reasons why space is important in an office:

Possible Expansion

Furniture, Equipment and Stationery

Hopefully there will come a point in your business when it becomes necessary to expand. This may mean taking on more employees, expanding your services or products or both – regardless, more space will be required.

Rather than having to go through the inconvenience to yourself and your business of moving offices during a busy period of expansion, choose an office space that can grow with your business from the beginning.

Visitors to your Office

It’s likely that you will have to welcome some visitors to your office, be they clients, potential clients, suppliers or potential employees, it’s important to remember that your office space gives one of the first impressions of your business.

A well-proportioned office gives of the impression of control, whereas space to expand is always a good indicator of a confident business owner. You also need to consider the comfort of visitors to your office, and ensure that you have sufficient waiting and meeting space, as well as the appropriate amount of comfort facilities.

Employee Comfort

As well as the comfort of visitors, it’s also important to ensure that your employees have the space that they need to work efficiently. A cramped working environment is unlikely to be conducive to a pleasant employee experience, whereas providing clients with the space and facilities that they need to thrive will foster loyalty and effective working patterns.

In summary, when looking for your office space, remember that space is important in an office. Make sure that any premises that you sign have adequate space to furnish with the furniture, equipment and stationery that you need from Office Allsorts, and allow your business to thrive and grow unhindered.

Author:  Carl Barton

Cost Cutting Ways to Rent Office Space

Thursday, August 2nd, 2012

There are many reasons why you might be looking for suitable office space to rent. Perhaps you’re just setting up your business and are at the early stages of finding the perfect premises, or perhaps you have been working for a while from home but have outgrown the available space and are looking for a different solution.

Even if your business isn’t office based – for example, you’re a retailer – you may find yourself needing to rent office space as a quiet, distraction free place to do paperwork, make calls etc.

There are many websites dedicated to helping you find your perfect premises. At you’re able search over 6,000 offices across the whole of the UK, so wherever you are located, you’re likely to find a suitable office space in the right location. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can register your details and let Official Space contact you when something suitable becomes available – taking all of the hard work out of finding the perfect office.

Once you’ve found your dream office, make sure that it looks the part with furniture, equipment and stationery that suits your business style. Setting up an office doesn’t have to blow the budget, however – Office Allsorts offers a lowest price guarantee on all your new office essentials.

Rent Office Space

If you’re a freelancer who’s outgrown the home office, or you have a non-office based business premises but need an office space in addition, renting a desk in a shared office can be a great solution and one of the most flexible ways to rent office space.

The benefits are numerous. Renting a desk – or hot desking, as is the buzzword – is affordable and flexible, enabling you to rent space without making a long term commitment to an office space. You’ll have the space that you need to work without distraction by home or business premises matters, as well as enjoying the buzz of a busy office and working alongside others. Find your perfect ‘hot desk’ at




Author:  Carl Barton