Cross Cut Rexel Shredders vs Strip Cut Rexel Shredders

Shredder ownership is becoming more and more common these days both for businesses and home users as people realise the value in properly destroying sensitive documents. With the rise of identity theft shredders have become a front line weapon against your personal data slipping into the hands of the wrong people. Rexel shredders are a good range and can be low cost in price.  Here we review the differences between the cross cut and the strip cut shredder.

If you’re in the market for a general home or office shredder to dispose of statements, bills or private correspondence then you will need something that is both affordable but performs to a high standard.

For the majority of shoppers the most important factor when purchasing a shredder is the level of security it offers. The last thing you want is to go to the trouble of shredding your documents only for them still to be unsecure once you’ve finished. Cross cut Rexel shredders are the most secure type of shredder available to the home or general business user. The alternative strip cut Rexel shredders do not cut the paper up as effectively and thereby, in theory, any shredded document could be put back together more easily.

Cross cut Rexel shredders come in a variety of different security levels ranging from 3 to 6, as you work up through the grades the size of the shredded paper becomes increasingly smaller and therefore increasingly more difficult, if not impossible, to reassemble. Paper that has been destroyed using a strip cut Rexel shredder can be put back together with surprising ease and you can even find software capable of recreating shredded pages.

When comparing shredders it’s also worth comparing speed and page capacity. If you are going to be shredding relatively high volumes the last thing you want to be doing is sitting by the shredder all day slowly feeding paper in. Cross cut Rexel shredders are slower than strip cut as they do more work which takes them longer to perform. On the flipside of this as cross cut shredders create smaller pieces of shredded paper this compacts more easily and takes up less space which means less shredder bin emptying.

Cross cut Rexel shredders have to work harder than strip cut Rexel shredders so tend to need a bit more TLC. Your shredder will have a recommended maximum pieces of paper that can be shredded at any one time.  To prolong the shredder life try insert one or two less sheets than the recommended amount so the motor and blades don’t have to work as hard and the shredder is less likely to jam.

When it comes to price you will pay less for a strip cut shredder as they are a simpler mechanism which keeps costs down. However, with cross cut Rexel shredders you are paying for the extra security they offer and when it comes to identity theft the extra money you spend on your Rexel shedder will be tiny in comparison to what you could lose if you are a victim of this crime.

When choosing a shredder start by deciding what your main reason is for buying it, from their you can then decide what other features you’d like and the budget you have to spend.


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