Delivery Scam Information

In accordance with a recent press release and previous alerts circulated Nottinghamshire Police would like to draw your attention again to the parcel scam that is very active at the moment.

The scam has been taking place in numerous forms such as:

The delivery of a package for a neighbour that requires payment. The unsuspecting victim, pays for the delivery in good faith only to find out when they pass the parcel on that it contains worthless junk and the neighbour knows nothing about it. The Victim received a call beforehand from a person claiming to be a solicitor who politely requested that the victim receive and pay a taxi driver for the urgent package as the neighbour may not be available. The amounts paid where in excess of £50 each time.

A second method is where a delivery slip is left at the property with a premium rate number to call to rearrange delivery of the package. Please do not call this number as it is a scam.

BOTH of these methods are SCAMS. Please be aware of this scam and the different methods that are being used to target the community, and inform your friends, family and neighbours. Please be cautious when receiving any calls and/ or literature regarding the delivery of parcels. If you are not expecting a parcel then it most likely is a scam. Before accepting any parcels for neighbours, please ensure that you check to see if your Neighbour is awaiting a parcel delivery.

Author:  Carl Barton

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