Great Nottingham Based Businesses

At Office Allsorts we’re not greedy. While we like to think of ourselves as one of the great Nottingham based business suppliers, we won’t hog the limelight.

Nottingham is a bustling business hub and is part of the UK’s Core Cities Group – cities that have been identified by the government as one of the ‘powerhouses’ of the economy. There are many efficient, creative and great Nottingham based business centres and businesses that add to the city’s economy. Here are our favourites:

Trent Barton Bus Company

The ‘really good bus company’ trent barton is one of the few independent bus operators in the UK, and employs nearly 1000 people across Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and Leicestershire. Its modern, down to Earth, customer centric approach sets it apart from others in the transportation industry.

Recently ranked number 29 on a global list of social brands for its customer interaction, trent barton boasts a fantastic blog and social networking to keep customers informed, engaged and entertained.

Nottingham Science Park

Nottingham Science Park

This architecturally stunning business hub is home to a high concentration of companies specialising in science and technology, which is arguably the fastest growing sector in the city. Since becoming a Science City in 2005, Nottingham has been able to build on its pioneering research and scientific achievements, and this sector employs over 60,000 people with further ambitious plans for growth. Boots, of course, contributes considerably to this, as just one of the national companies choosing to base its HQ in Nottingham.

Office Allsorts is proud to be part of Nottingham’s business economy, and we work hard to count ourselves among the great Nottingham based businesses. With a lowest price guarantee on all office essentials, including a wide range of stationery, equipment and furniture, free next day delivery on orders over £40 and the best levels of service, including live help, we strive to be the best in our field for price, service and range. And the best bit is, we deliver nationwide, so all businesses in the UK can benefit.

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