Office Supplies and Grocery Shopping

In a nutshell, use the same methods when purchasing either.

I bet when buying supplies for either the office or for home you have never thought about it in the same way as buying your weekly shop from the supermarket. In the current economic climate, when every penny matters, you should consider all the options available and just like supermarkets office supplies companies have their Own Brands which can be a fraction of the cost of market leading products.

It’s generally considered within supermarkets that some own brand goods are similar if not the same quality as their well known brand name equivalents. Office Supplies is no different, many own brand products are manufactured in the same factories as the branded products and offer the user similar, if not the same, level of performance and quality.

One such own brand is 5 Star, which has over 1400 different products within its range covering the complete spectrum of your Office Supplies needs, including everyday stationery items, janitorial supplies, Ink and toner cartridges, desktop accessories and presentation equipment. If you are concerned regarding the quality of own brand products, why not ask for some samples from your supplier to test in the working environment or try them in low profile areas of the business which is not customer facing such as archiving.

If you are happy with the quality of the products then you can expand the range throughout the business. The cost savings you could achieve could be up to 75% when compared with a branded alternative and with these sort of numbers it makes it a very difficult consideration to ignore.

Author:  Carl Barton

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