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Box files are used for the transportation and storage of large volumes of documents and paperwork. They are ideal for offices, home offices and students and can also be used for carrying catalogues and brochures or even loose items such as pens, pencils and calculators. Traditionally made of high quality board covered by a paper, the box file has recently seen developments in manufacturer, with plastic box files now being produced and becoming increasingly popular thanks to the improved durability they offer.

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Buyers Guide

Box files are the perfect solution for keeping paper, important documents, essential stationery items, forms......well pretty much anything safe and protected. Box files are made from either board or plastic, they contain closure clips, clamps or springs that secures the contents and can be easily identified using spine labels. Box files also have a finger ring on the spine for easy retrieval from shelves or storage units.

The key features to look for when purchasing box files......

Material- As mentioned above box files have historically been made from a high quality strong board and covered with paper. This type of file is still available and is the most popular mainly due to the lower prices of this style. The main alternative is a plastic box file made from tough, rigid polypropylene which provides excellent durability. Some manufacturers also produce a box file made of rigid board that is covered in a laminated material rather than paper. This provides a little extra durability and the laminated material is less likely to rip or become easily marked.

Size - The main sizes available are A4 and Foolscap with the latter being a little large and therefore being able to hold A4 size square cut folders and document wallets.

Capacity - This is measured by the spine of the box file in millimetres (mm). Standard cheap box files have a 75mm spine and the larger files have an 80mm spine. There are also a large number of smaller box files with spines from 30mm to 50mm.

Identification - Most box files will have an identification label on the spine of the file which can be used to detail the contents. Some files also have a handy index page on the front inside cover.

Contents Holding – Here we are looking at how the paper or other contents are held in place when the file is closed and not in use. Many cheap box files have a clip or catch at one end that secures the documents in place. A new innovation, especially in plastic box files, is a twin interior spring that secures both ends of the paper held inside. This helps prevent the paper curling or becoming loose when the box file is being moved.

For more information on our cheap box files please take a look at our blog article How to Keep Documents Safe: Box Files.

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