C4 Envelopes

C4 Envelopes also known as A4 envelopes, are the size of an unfolded A4 piece of paper. C4 envelope dimensions are 229mm × 324mm. As with all our envelopes you can choose to have windowed or non-windowed and white or manila, although other more colourful options are becoming increasingly popular. You can also pick from peal and seal or self seal closures.

We supply all the top envelope brands including New Guardian, Basildon Bond and Plus Fabric. For a low cost envelope alternative try our 5 Star range and start saving money today.

If you need any help or assistance choosing your envelopes please give the Allsorts team a call on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

C4 envelopes are sometimes referred to as A4 envelopes as they are usually used to mail unfolded A4 paper. C4 envelopes measure H324mm x W229mm or H12.8inches x W9.0inches. C4 envelopes are most commonly available in White or manilla (brown) and come with windows to allow the address to be seen, or plain fronted without a window

Types of C4 Envelope Closures......

There are three types of closure/seal available.

Gummed - The cheapest and original type of closure is the gummed envelope. This requires the closure flap to be moistened to activate the a strip of glue before sealing.

Press Seal - More up market from gummed envelopes are press seal envelopes, sometimes known as self-seal envelopes. These have strips of adhesive on each face of the closure flap which when pressed together, seal the envelope. A word of caution though, the adhesive on press seal envelopes can dry out which can significantly reduce the effectiveness of the glue strips so we would advise not storing them for long periods and expecting them to be as effective as when new.

Peel and Seal - The most secure closure is peel and seal. This uses an adhesive strip protected from drying out by being covered with a thin plastic strip which is peeled off when the envelope is used ensuring a secure seal to the envelope. This type of closure does not dry out like press seal can and also has a stronger more secure adhesive.

Our standard C4 envelopes are pocket envelopes and are available from 5 Star, Basildon Bond and New Guardian and Plus Fabric.

If you’re looking for a C4 envelope that isn’t a pocket envelope, we do have ranges of gusset envelopes which are C4 in size but have a gusset to allow large quantities of A4 literature to be mailed. Gusset style envelopes can accommodate 25mm depth of paper and are made of thicker paper (135gsm) to securely hold more weighty documents. If you need protection from documents being folded or damaged in the post we have C4 board-backed envelopes with a Peel and Seal closure which has a rigid board built into the envelope and are over printed with ‘Please do not Bend’.

If you would like further information on envelopes to help you select the best ones for your needs then please take a look at our handy guide to envelopes post on our blog.

Best Selling Products

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