C5 Envelopes

C5 Envelopes are half the size of C4 envelopes and are suitable for sending an A4 sheet of paper folded in half. C5 envelopes are often used for mail shots or business letters and are classed by the Royal Mail as a letter which attracts the lowest postage rates. C5 envelopes are a popular size as they are small enough to meet The Royal Mail criteria for the lowest postage price band yet still hold a lot more than the traditional DL envelope (providing the thickness of the envelope and its contents is 5mm or less and the package weighs no more than 100 grams). C5 envelopes measure 229mm x 162mm and can hold A4 sheets of paper folded in half, or unfolded A5 sheets of paper.

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Buyers Guide

C5 envelopes come plain (without window) or with windows allowing addresses to be seen. Sealing methods include the traditional gummed flaps (lick & stick), press and seal which seal the envelope when the flap is pressed closed or peel and seal where a strip is peeled away revealing an adhesive strip which seals the envelope when the flap is pressed closed.

What features to consider when purchasing C5 Envelopes…….

Colour - The choices of colours starts to expand a little in the C5 envelope size. As well as the usual white and manilla options there are also lots of exciting and vibrant colours that let you make a real statement with your customers. The traditional white and manilla colours are still by far the most commonly used and best suited to standard correspondence with customers or clients. Where the coloured envelopes shine is for marketing purposes, perhaps to new customers or the introduction of a new product range to existing customers. The arrival of a bright orange or green envelope in a potential customers daily bundle of post will catch their eye and make your message stand out from the crowd.

Closure - There are three methods of sealing C5 envelopes as there are with most envelope varieties. The lower priced options are gummed and press seal. Gummed envelopes have a glue strip on the flap that needs to be moistened to activate it, once wet it is pressed onto the none gummed surface to create a bond. Press seal envelopes have a gummed strip on both the flap and body of the envelope, to activate the glue simply press the two strips together and seal the envelope. The third option is peel and seal and envelopes with this closure are generally a little more expensive than those with the other options. The gummed surface is protected behind a strip of paper, when you’re ready to close the envelope simply peel away the paper and press the gummed surface to the body of the envelope.

Weight - The quality of the envelope is measured by the thickness or weight of the paper used to produce it. Entry level C5 envelopes use 90gsm paper and this increases to 120gsm for the higher end premium range envelopes. It’s advised to keep a range of weights in stock and use lightweight envelopes for day to day correspondence and higher quality options for important letters to key customers.

Best Selling Products

£20.78 EX VAT

(£24.94 INC VAT)

18% Saving off RRP


£19.99 EX VAT

(£23.99 INC VAT)

72% Saving off RRP


£17.99 EX VAT

(£21.59 INC VAT)

74% Saving off RRP


£16.99 EX VAT

(£20.39 INC VAT)

66% Saving off RRP


£14.99 EX VAT

(£17.99 INC VAT)

70% Saving off RRP


£24.99 EX VAT

(£29.99 INC VAT)

66% Saving off RRP


£2.99 EX VAT

(£3.59 INC VAT)

41% Saving off RRP


£5.48 EX VAT

(£6.58 INC VAT)

9% Saving off RRP


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