Casebound Notebooks

Casebound notebooks are generally hard backed and are similar in appearance to books. They have a hard cover and the pages are secured to the spine by glue. Also referred to a manuscript books, historically this style of notebook was used for keeping records or completing long passages of writing. Unlike spiralbound notebooks the pages of casebound books are generally not designed to be removed, this gives the notebooks a more permanent and higher quality feel.

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Buyers Guide

Casebound notebooks are typically used when a degree of permanency is needed for the contents. The pages cannot be easily removed and the hard backed card cover presents a more professional image and also provides better protection than the lightweight card covers that are typically found on spiralbound notebooks. Covers vary from matt finish, glossy or even soft touch depending on your requirements and budgets.

Things to consider when buying Casebound Notebooks

Cover-The majority of casebound notebooks have a hard backed and rigid cover similar to that of a hard backed book. This provides protection for the contents and prevents the pad from bending. The covers differ in finish and colour with many choices being available. Perhaps the best known casebound notebooks are the Black and Red range which are mostly black with red spine and elements of red detail on the cover. Black and Reds two most familiar covers are the matt finish slightly textured board and the glossy laminated board. These are typically designed for professional users and for note taking during meetings.

Size- A4 notebooks are the most popular with A5 also being very common as their smaller size means they fit more comfortably in bags or briefcases. Smaller sizes are available and your can purchase A6 and reporters style pads if you’re looking for something pocket sized. At the other end of the scale Black and Red produce and one third A3 size pad which ideal for planning projects.

Page Layout- Lined or ruled notebooks are by far the most common and some will also have a margin although this is limited to only a small number of notebooks. Also available are plain paper and quadrille notebooks.

Fastening- Many casebound notebooks have no fastening at all, however the most common type available for you if you feel this is a useful feature is an elasticated fastener. These are attached to the back cover and can be pulled over the front cover when you want to securely close the notebook.

Other Features- Many notebooks come complete with year planners or calendars as well as world times and other planning type features. Sigel produce a range of notebooks that contain three filing compartments which allow you to store loose bits of paper or business cards. Other features include ribbon markers to save page position and page numbering.

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