Chair Mats

Chair mats are used to protect floors from the wear and tear caused by the movement of office chairs. They can be used on both hard floors and carpets and are designed to be anti slip and highly durable. As well as protecting your floor they also make movement easier for chairs, especially on carpeted surfaces.

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5 Star Polycarbonate Carpet Chairmat Lipped 1200x1340mm

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Buyers Guide

Why Use a Chair Mat?

- Chair mats offer protection to both hardwood floors and carpets preventing them from becoming warn and marked by the movement of your chair.

- They make the movement of an office chair smoother, especially on carpeted surfaces.

- Chair mats are designed to complement your working space and can bring colour, style and design to your floor.

- Some chair mats have anti static properties that help protect the chair and user from the build up of electrostatic charge from electrical appliances.

What Type of Chair Mat are Available?

- A chair mat designed for use on carpets will have friendly grippers for maximum hold, they will also generally be clear to let the carpet show through.

- A chair mat designed for hardwood floors will be smooth backed to stop the mat sliding about. As with carpet mats they will also be clear so the floor will show through.

PVC or Polycarbonate?

- PVC chair mats offer maximum transparency and are guaranteed not to crack, chip of break in any way under normal use.

- Polycarbonate chair mats are more durable and also environmentally friendly. They are odourless, fire resistant, completely free from any toxic chemicals and can be cleaned easily with soap and water.

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