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Comb binders offer a simple, quick and low cost way of binding paper together to create books, reports, training manuals and much more. Our range of binding machines include portable personal comb binding machines ideal for home or infrequent office use up to professional high speed comb binding machines which are suitable for corporate departments, educational and training settings, executive offices and administrative groups. We also supply a wide selection of binding combs and binding covers all at discounted prices.

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Comb binding is one of numerous ways to bind paper together and is generally the most favoured technique used by UK businesses and schools. A huge advantage comb binding has over many other binding formats are the ability to be re-opened for adding or removing pages. The binding elements can also be removed and re-used for other projects.

Features to consider when shopping for a comb binder……

Punch Capability - Comb binders essentially perform only two tasks when creating a bound document and the first of these is to punch holes through your paper that the binding comb prongs will eventually slot through. The comb binder works in much the same way a normal hole punch would to achieve this and uses metal dies to push through the paper to create the holes. The number of sheets of paper a comb binder will punch through is detailed in our product descriptions and specifications and varies a lot from one binder to the next. Entry level comb binders generally punch between 6 and 8 sheets of 80gsm paper and the top end machines will punch approximately 30 sheets at a time. For general office use where your binder may be used on an infrequent basis a punch capacity of 20 sheets should suffice.

Binding Capacity - A comb binders second key function is the binding capability. This is determined by the number of A4 sheets that can be bound in one go and as above varies between binders. At the lower end of the market binding capacity is approximately 115 to 130 sheets, this increases 500 sheets and over with the highest spec binding machines. If you require more than 500 sheets at a time then you may want to consider a commercial binding machine or outsourcing to specialist printers.

Electric or Manual - For office comb binders the vast majority are manual meaning that you need push and pull levers to punch your paper and then insert the paper onto your binding comb. Electric comb binders are also available and generally this means that the punching element is either power assisted or fully automatic so all the operator need do is insert the paper that requires punching and press a button. Some electric binders will also automatically pull back your binding comb to the required position ready for paper to be inserted over the prongs.

Other Useful Features - There are a host of useful added extras that manufactures have included on comb binding machines to make their operation a simpler process. Look out for ‘double handles’ or ‘full handles’ that allow you to exert more power when punching the paper. Auto centering perfectly positions pages ready to be punched and auto edge features stop you punching right at the edge of page which improves the overall appearance and quality of the final bound document.

If you’d like more information on comb binding machines we have a number of helpful articles in our blog.

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