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A much ignored area of office life but a highly important one is the maintenance of a clean and hygienic desktop. Microbes and germs breed on our keyboards, mice, telephones and general office equipment which can potentially lead to illness if a regular regime of computer cleaning is not followed.

At Office Allsorts we stock a wide range of computer cleaning products to help you tackle those nasty germs. If you need any help or assistance choosing the right computer cleaning products please give the Allsorts team a call on 0115 9455833.

You can also check out our blog article on Computer Cleaning if you would like to know more about where microbes like to hang out on your desk and how to get rid of them.

Buyers Guide

Computer cleaning is quick and simple if you have the right tools. There are a great selection of products available that are not only effective at removing microbes and germs but also designed specifically to be used on your computer equipment without causing damage. The guide below will help you select the correct computer cleaning products for your requirements.

Keyboards - Keyboards can be home to all sorts of germs and bacteria, especially in offices that use hot desking or desk sharing. Many people eat at their desks meaning food particles falling between the keys and greasy, sticky fingers touching the surface. Also keep in mind how many people ‘battle’ through a cold a still come into work, sneezing and wiping their nose and then using the keyboard. You should clean the surface of your keyboard twice a week using saturated general purpose anti-bacterial wipes such as AF Ultraclene. Air dusters are also very effective for cleaning between and under the keyboard keys to dislodge food and dust particles.

Monitors - Your monitor should ideally be cleaned three times a week. A dirty screen can lead to eye strain, headaches and nausea. To clean you should use screen cleaning fluid, wipes or sachets such as the AF Screen-Clene range on the screen surface.

Mouse - Like the keyboard this comes in frequent contact with skin so regular cleaning is very important. To clean use the same products as you would for your keyboard. It’s also best to either unplug your mouse and keyboard before cleaning or clean them with your computer switched off.

Telephones - The telephone, on average, has over 25,000 microbes per square inch. Telephones need particular care if used by more than one individual as they are one of the largest contributors to the transmission of germs and bacteria that cause ear, nose and throat infections. To clean use telephone cleaning wipes and sachets such as those in the AF Phone-Clene range.

Office Surfaces - Desktops, monitor housing and printer housing should be cleaned at least once a week using general purpose cleaning wipes or foam with a dry low lint cloth. You should also ensure buttons on office machines such as printers and fax machines are frequently cleaned as they are touched by many people each day in most offices.

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