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The computer hardware section is home to our range of computer peripheral products. The term peripheral is typically used to describe a device that connects to or works with a computer is some form. It covers such products as computer keyboards and mice, external hard drives, computer monitors or screens, speakers and image scanners. We stock some of the best known names in computer peripheral products such as Logitech, Kensington, Hama and Microsoft.

If you need any help or advice on selecting your computer hardware products then the Office Allsorts team are always on hand. Please call us on 0115 9455833 or complete our contact form with details of your enquiry.

Buyers Guide

Our computer hardware category contains a large number of products designed to support your time using a desktop computer or laptop. To view our range of products please click on one of the images above, alternatively for information please read our buyers guide below.

Computer Mice - A computer mouse is essentially a pointing device that detects movement in relation to a surface and then translates this onto a computer screen. In their most basic form computer mice consist of two buttons with a connection to a computer by means of a wired USB lead or a wireless USB adaptor. The most common mice in use today and the type considered to be the industry standard is the two-button mouse with scroll wheel variety. The scroll wheel allows the on screen page to be controlled without the need to move the mouse. Computer mice used to all be off the mechanical variety, also known as a ball mouse. This style used to have a small grey ball on the underside of the mouse and was best used in conjunction with a mouse mat to provide extra control. They have now been largely replaced by optical mice which do not contain the ball and operate effectively without a mouse mat. Optical mice are very often wireless which makes mouse control easier and also makes them easier to transport. Another option is the trackball mouse, on this style a ball on the upper side is used to move the on screen curser. Trackball mice are helpful for people who suffer from repetitive strain injury and are also popular with gamers.

Computer Keyboards - Are typewriter style devices with letters and characters printed on the keys. They connect to a computer by means of USB wired or wireless connection. Standard alphanumeric keyboards have 102-105 keys although there are variations around the world most notably the US which has a 101 key standard. We have a broad range of keyboards starting from under £10 for the basic value models. As pricing increases so does keyboard functionality and it’s worth considering an ergonomically designed keyboard which has a comfort curve and built in wrist wrest.

External Hard Drives - A relatively new product, external hard drives are high capacity storage devices that are small enough to carry in your laptop bag. Entry level device capacity is increasing all the time and currently sits at the 500gb mark. This is equivalent (or greater) to many modern computers and laptops. Hard drives can act as extra storage capacity if needed or as a device to back up for all your computer data, this is ideal for people with lots of photos or music. Many external hard drives come complete with back- up software that allows automated scheduling of all your files to take place.

Scanners - Traditional flatbed scanners are now nearly obsolete due to the rise of multi-functional printers that can print, scan, copy and fax. However, new types of scanners are now emerging onto the market to fill the void. This new generation are capable of scanning books, magazines, letters and newspapers and are often in a pen of mouse format that is easy to carry and use. Also popular are the cordless business card scanners which capture information from business cards on the go and run on battery power. Once your back in the office simply connect your scanner to your computer and specially designed software processes all the information into a useable data format.

Computer Media Equipment - For all you computer audio equipment needs whether they be headphones or speakers we have it covered. From a headphone perspective there is a choice between in ear or padded standard headphones. Many of the higher end headphones have their own volume and bass control as well as microphones with adjustable background noise control.

Monitors - The quality of computer monitors has increased dramatically in recent years as ha their size. Our entry level screens measure 22inchs and are widescreen. The high resolution screens produce lifelike images that are capable of smoothing out rough edges and blurring.

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