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Choosing your correction aids used to be a fairly simple matter, correction fluid or white out was the only real option with Tipp-Ex (commonly misspelt as Tippex), being a household name and every desk having a little white bottle to hand ready for action. If you are looking for correction media now you have a lot more options, correction fluid is still a popular choice but the little bottles now have foam applicators instead of the brush. You also now have correction tape, correction pens and cover up tape.

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Correction fluid, sometimes referred to as white out, used to only come in bottle form and was applied using a brush. This changed to foam applicators and now, it is also available in pen form with fine needle-like nibs. In addition to the fluids, in 1992, Tipp-Ex introduced a correction tape. This applies a white film over the erroneous text and allows users to write or type over the white tape. Tipp-Ex have taken the concept of correction tape to new heights through the introduction of the Pocket Mouse and Mini Pocket Mouse, dispensers of correction tape shaped to (vaguely) look like a mouse.

Correction Media options to look for…..

Bottled Correction Fluid - The original and still the most popular, bottled correction fluid hasn’t changed too much over the years. The applicator to apply the fluid to the paper is now a foam pad rather than a brush and Tipp-Ex have introduced fast drying fluid so you don’t have to blow the paper to dry your correction.

Correction Pens - Contain fluid much the same as the bottled correctors but come in a handy pen shape that is easier to control and apply. Simply squeeze the pen to dispense the fluid onto your paper.

Correction Tape - Also referred to as correction rollers or a correction mouse. They contain a role of white tape that is applied directly onto your paper and dries instantly meaning it can be written on or typed over straight away.

Finally, let’s not forget the humble eraser, or rubber. It’s not as humble as you may think though as there are a number of different types, these are:

Art Gum Erasers - Made from soft course rubber, they are good for artists who need to erase large areas without damaging the paper. Trouble is, they lack precision.

Kneaded Erasers - They are similar in consistency to plasticine and can be moulded for precision erasing or used to ‘blot’ or lighten areas without removing all the marks.

Soft Vinyl Erasers - These have a plastic-like appearance and are less damaging to paper than standard pink rubber erasers. They also tend to erase more cleanly than standard rubbers.

Ink Erasers - These are designed to erase ink but in reality, they tend to wear away layers of paper as they contain pumice stone as an abrasive and can cause paper to tear.

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