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Our desktop accessories category covers all those essential items we simply can't do without in the office such as letter trays, hole punches, staplers, scissors and paper clips. Our aim is to bring you the best range of office products we can at the lowest prices and with the benefit of next day delivery direct to your door.

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The Desktop Accessories category contains all the important items you need to keep your office functioning smoothly. We've broken down our products into easy to navigate sections that allow you to find what you need quickly and simply. To browse this category simply click on one of the product images above or if you need more information please review our buyers guide below.

Letter Trays and Accessories - Letter trays are a useful addition to any desktop as they allow paper to be filed away neatly which helps prevent clutter and maintains an efficient working environment. Risers can be used to increase the space between letter trays which allows more paper to be stored. Letter trays come in many different colours and are available in standard or wide entry format. Some letter trays don’t use risers and simply stack on top of one another, this does generally mean less space is available per tray but gives you more options for filing and organising your paperwork.

Hole Punches - Are used to punch holes in paper which allows the paper to be filed in a binder. There are a variety of different hole punches available from basic desktop punches do heavy duty hole punches capable of punching 300 sheets at a time. The standard desktop punch creates two holes in the paper as most common form of binders have two prongs or rings with which they secure paper. Also popular are Four Hole Punches which create four holes and eyelet or single hole punches that look a little like pliers. To prolong the life of your hole punch always punch a couple of sheets less than recommended by the manufacturer. This stops strain being placed on the mechanism which leads to failure of the hole punch.

Staplers - Are used to secure paper together permanently and as with hole punches they come in wide range of sizes from simple desktop staplers which secure 20 sheets of paper to heavy duty electric staplers that secure 80 sheets at a time. Also available are power assisted staplers that allow you to staple large numbers of paper without having to apply lots of downward pressure.

Magazine Racks and Book Racks - Keep all those files, folders, catalogues and books tidy and easily accessible. Look out for recycled and green products in this section and some great ranges of reinforced cardboard racks. The majority of magazine racks are manufactured from high density tough plastic and are available in a wide choice of colours to match company branding or office decor. They also commonly form desktop sets that includes, letters trays, staples and hole punches and are often contemporary in design and colours used.

Desk Tidies - This section covers all those products that keep your essential stationery items such as pens and pencils tidy, organised and easily accessible.

Tape Dispensers- Are used to dispense tape and come with a serrated blade that cut the tape simply and quickly. Most tape dispensers will have a weighted bottom to stop movement when in use. This is one product area where manufacturers have attempted to make stationery more interesting by creating dispensers in many different shapes (even shoes) and bright and vibrant colours.

Rubber Stamps - Are used for a multitude of reasons in many different working environments. They can be purchased ready to use or as ‘design your own’ where you send your requirements to the stamp manufacturer who will make the stamp to your specifications.

Pins, Clips and Bands - This section includes paper clips, treasury tags, rubber bands, bull dog clips and many more devices used for securing paper together.

Scissors and Letter Openers - Our scissors section include general office scissors, classroom and school scissors and even surgical steel scissors. We also supply electric letter openers which range from low cost desk top models to professional machines capable of opening 12,000 letters an hours.

Desk Mats - Provide a protective cover for your desk and also create a comfortable writing surface. They have none slip backing and many are transparent or have a transparent layer that sits on a black background so information can be placed under the mat but still viewed. At the top end of this category are imitation leather desk mats which offer a high level of quality.

Drawer Sets - Are desktop based units that provide extra filing and storage for paperwork, stationery of filing. They are available in three drawer up to ten drawer units and are manufactured from sturdy plastic which enables them to comfortably hold high volumes of paper of heavy stationery items such as hole punches or staplers. Most drawer sets will have identification labels or tags.

If you need more help in choosing your desktop accessories or perhaps you are looking to order in high volumes then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833. You can also send any questions or request to us using the contact us page.

You can also find lots of helpful articles relating to desktop accessories at the Office Allsorts Blog.

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