Diaries and Planners for 2016

Summer time is sadly behind us and as the leaves start to fall thoughts turn the New Year. Diaries and year planners may not be many people’s top priority when it comes to planning for 2016. However, despite all the new diary and planning tools available on computers and laptops many people still prefer the simplicity of a paper diary or a large wall planner.

There are lots of options when it comes to both diaries and planners, below we summarise the key products and options to look for;

2016 Diaries

2016 Diaries Sizes Available

The most common sizes diaries are A4 and A5 and these are by far the most widely used. Collins Debden manufacturer a range of other sizes including the ‘Compact’ diary. This measures 190x127cm and therefore sits between the A4 and A5 Sizes. Pocket diaries are also available which provide a slim format that can easily be popped into handbag, briefcase or as the name suggests a pocket!

Diary Formats

Day Per Page - This format of diary displays each day on a single page thereby providing plenty of room for writing notes or appointments. The way in which weekends are displayed varies; some diaries will combine Saturday and Sunday onto a single page whereas others will dedicate a full page to each. It’s important to read the diary specifications to ensure you order the variation you need.

Two Pages Per Day - Provide two full pages for each day of the week. As with day per page diaries weekend days can be combined onto one page or spread over one or two pages.

Two Days Per Page - This style combines two weekdays onto each page of the diary. Saturday and Sundays are often combined on to a half page together and positioned on the bottom half of the page below Friday.

Week to View - One of the most popular formats available, they display the whole week on two pages so you can view all seven days at the same time. Many users find this useful for planning their weeks as they can see all commitments and appointments for seven days.

2016 Wall Planners

2016 Wall Planner Formats

The two main types of wall planners to choose from are Staff Planners and Year Planners. They both show the full year, broken down by month and then into days. However, staff planners have space to write up to 40 names which then allows for holidays, sickness or work schedules to be tracked. This provides a quick and easy to read visual reference point for all team members. Year planners do not have space for names and so aren’t ideal for holiday planning, however each day will have the space for a small amount of notes or activity labels. Both formats are laminated meaning both drywipe (whiteboard) or permanent markers can be used on their surface.

Wall Planner Size

Typically wall planners start at A1 size which measures 840x594mm, this is the equivalent of eight pieces of A4 paper. The standard size for wall planners is a fraction larger at 915x610mm and you will find that most of the main manufacturers such as Collins and Sasco produce planners to this standard.

Mounted or Unmounted

Wall planners are available in both mounted and unmounted formats. A mounted planner is produced on a thick piece of durable card whereas the unmounted version is made from a laminated paper. Unmounted planners are cheaper to produce and therefore offer a significant saving versus mounted, they are also easier to put up and will be held by adhesive tack or sticky tape.

Perpetual Planners

As an alternative to purchasing a wall planner every year perpetual planners provide a more permanent solution. They have the same grid like appearance as the annually produced planners but allow the user to write in the months and days each year.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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