Subject dividers, Office Indexes and Filing tabs are all used to help you organise your filing in ring binders and lever arch files, and more importantly, to help you find what you need quickly and easily. They are available from a number of leading manufacturers including Concord, Avery, Black and Red and Post-It as well as the low cost 5 Star brand.

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Buyers Guide

Subject Dividers - Are available in 5-part, 6-part, 10-part, 12-part, 15-part and 20-part versions and most are available in A5, A4 and A3 sizes. Most standard subject dividers are manufactured from cardboard which can also be referred to as Manila. The thickness of the board varies from 160gsm to 230gsm and they are available in white or assorted colours depending on your requirements. To help with organisation of your folders or files many packs of dividers come with a front cover or contents page. If your dividers are to be used regularly then it might be worth considering purchasing plastic or polypropylene subject dividers. As with the board dividers they are available in varying thicknesses starting from 200micron. On average polypropylene dividers last approximately five times longer than those manufactured from cardboard.

Office Indexes - Very similar to subject dividers and the two often get confused. The key difference is that the identification tabs on indexes are ready printed with either numbers, letters or months whereas on subject dividers the tabs are left blank allowing the user to complete their own index. Office indexes are available in all the same formats as subject dividers as well as A-Z, 1-31, 1-50, 1-100 and Jan-Dec. As with subject dividers they are produced in board and polypropylene versions and in white or colour formats. To help with identification many office indexes have coloured tabs.

Filing Tabs - Are Ideal for temporarily marking pages in books and reference material or for colour coding documents. They are repositionable and easy to write on allowing you to add short notes to documents or files. If you want to get really smart, have a look at the Post-It self adhesive tabs which you can use as page markers or to indicate important parts of a page such as “Sign Here”. They are typically made from a durable, hard wearing material that will ensure a professional appearance if after long periods of use. Durable and Post-It are the key manufacturers in this product area, however if you are looking for a low cost, high quality product take a look at the 5 Star range.

Our blog has some great articles on filing, including reviews of products available and how you can set up simple yet effective filing systems.

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