Duplicate Books

Duplicate books are designed to create a duplicate entry using either carbon paper or carbonless copy paper. They are ideal for delivery notes, invoice books, receipt books, telephone message books, in fact any use where a copy is required to be kept. Pages are perforated to allow for easy removal of the original copy and the pages are usually multi coloured to distinguish between original and copies. Some duplicate books are sequentially numbered and others are feint ruled. Silvine and Challenge are the market leaders in duplicate books.

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Buyers Guide

Duplicate books are available to fulfil a number of different functions for businesses of all sizes and types. There is also a great range of triplicate books which as the name suggests provides three pages with the same information rather than just the two.

What kind of duplicates and triplicates books are available………..

Telephone Message Pads - With the advent of email and the increased use of CRM and instant messaging within businesses the telephone message pad is not as widely used as it once was. However, they still provide a useful function by providing an instant and accurate visual record of calls received. The messages are written on re-positional sticky notes that can be conveniently stuck to a colleagues desk or monitor.

Receipt Books - Do you need to provide receipts to customers when your away from your computer or office? A small, pocket size receipt book will allow you to provide a basic receipt that details the customer details, payment due and if that payment has been taken and by what means.

Invoice Books - Features carbonless paper for consistent high quality copy from the first to the last page. A microperforated top copy that allows easy removal. Pages are colour coded which enables easy identification between originals and copies. Invoice books are available with or without VAT and in both duplicate and triplicate formats.

Service Pads - Also known as waiters pads they are used in restaurants, cafés and bars to take food and drink orders from customers. They are available in duplicate and triplicate format to provide more than one copy of the order which means remaining extra copies can be used in the kitchen, as a confirmation or the order to the customer or for billing purposes.

Blank Books - If you need a blank pad then they are available with or without numbering and in both duplicate and triplicate format.

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