Expanding Files

When space is at a premium expanding files or concertina files allow storage of a large number of documents in a small amount of space. Most files come with A-Z , numeric or monthly indexing tabs which allows for systematic filing and retrieval of documents. Expanding files are ideal for use at home as well as the office. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from slim briefcase style cases for when you’re out and about, to very sophisticated all encompassing filing solutions. If you need something more robust, then have a look at the Pierre Henry range of metal filing boxes, they are lockable, portable but can store a good number of A4 or foolscap suspension files.

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Buyers Guide

Expanding files come in many different formats, shapes and sizes. From the standard cardboard files which open up to reveal a number of pockets to desktop files and those that have handles and resemble a small brief cases. Below we run through some of the key features to look for when selecting your expanding files.

Index Choice/Number of Pockets - The two main indexes available when buying expanding files are numbered or A-Z. The type you select also has a big impact on the number of pockets your file has. Numbered files can vary in size from having just 6 pockets up to 31. With A-Z files, due to some letters being combined, the total number of pockets is generally 19 or 20. Many concertina files will leave the pocket identity tabs blank and provide labels for numbered and A-Z options to applied at the users choice.

Material - Entry level expanding files are made of strong cardboard material with the side gussets reinforced for extra strength. As budgets increase so does the quality of the material used to construct the files. Rigid, paper covered board are very common. These generally have a carry handle and close through the means of a clasp. When the clasp is depressed the front of the file folds down and the expanding pockets are then revealed. This type of expanding file is extremely durable and also handily transportable.

Capacity -This varies hugely between products and depends on the number of pockets the files have and the size of the gusset that allows the pockets to expand. The very largest files have a 70mm capacity which can hold hundreds of sheets of A4 80gsm paper. The important thing to remember with all expanding files is not to overload it as this strains the files joints which will result in ripping and a damaged, unusable file.

Other Features - Desktop concertina files are an increasingly popular product as they offer a flexible, easy to use and easy to access filing system that can sit at the end of your desk or on a bookcase or office cupboard. They are typically made from a hard wearing polypropylene and contain up to 15 pockets for your filing.

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