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The Office Allsorts facilities section covers a vast range of products that all businesses need to manage the working environment. Whether is safety and security products, janitorial supplies, postroom and warehouse products or simply tea, coffee and biscuits to maintain a happy and productive workforce we've got it all covered at a price that will suit your budget.

If you’re looking for any help or guidance regards which products to choose then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833 for assistance.

Category Guide

The facilities category contains all those products you need to maintain a safe, clean and happy working environment. With over 2,000 facilities products listed we have an extensive selection to choose from and so to help you browse our website we have created this handy guide to tell you what you can expect to find in each section.

Safety and Security - Here you'll find first aid supplies, cash boxes and safes, key security systems, safety signs, workwear, ID badges, torches and fire extinguishers.

Office Environment - A great selection of waste bins, footrests and stools, coat stands, office plants, office pictures and office clocks, general office signs, lighting, door mats, recycling containers, picture frames and office fans for the small number of hot days and office heaters for all the cold ones.

Catering Supplies - To many people this is the most important part of the website as it includes our range of tea, coffee and biscuits. Also within the catering section are catering utensils, kitchen appliances, drinks dispensers, catering sundries and even chocolate!

Janitorial Supplies - To keep your office clean we have a wide choice of cleaning products and equipment, rubbish bins, sanitary refills and sanitary dispensers.

Postroom and Warehouse - Office Allsorts stock a wide range of postroom and warehouse supplies including packaging materials and equipment, storage boxes, postal scales, warehouse racking and office trollies and trucks.

Best Selling Products

£2.99 EX VAT

(£3.59 INC VAT)

71% Saving off RRP


£6.60 EX VAT

(£7.92 INC VAT)

16% Saving off RRP


£0.97 EX VAT

(£1.16 INC VAT)

47% Saving off RRP


£4.06 EX VAT

(£4.06 INC VAT)

38% Saving off RRP


£2.39 EX VAT

(£2.39 INC VAT)

54% Saving off RRP


£4.99 EX VAT

(£5.99 INC VAT)

91% Saving off RRP


£10.50 EX VAT

(£12.60 INC VAT)

38% Saving off RRP


£16.11 EX VAT

(£19.33 INC VAT)

50% Saving off RRP


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