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The Office Allsorts facilities section covers a vast range of products that all businesses need to manage their working environment. Whether is safety and security products, janitorial supplies, postroom and warehouse products or simply tea, coffee and biscuits to maintain a happy and productive workforce we've got it all covered at a price that will suit your budget.

If you’re looking for any help or guidance regards which products to choose then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833 for assistance.

Buyers Guide

The facilities category contains all those products you need to maintain a safe, clean and happy working environment. With over 2,000 facilities products listed we have an extensive selection to choose from. To help you browse our website we have created this handy guide to tell you what you can expect to find in each section.

Safety and Security- This section covers numerous product groups that as the category name suggests are important for workplace safety and for security. Our first aid section contains everything any office or workplace will need to administer basic medical care on-site. We supply full first aid kits that contain all the basic equipment as well as more specialist burns kits and kits designed for food handling areas. Should your first aid kit start to run low on supplies then refills of all the component items can be purchased separately. We also have a wide selection of ID badges and name badges from Durable and our budget 5 Star range. These are ideal for visitor’s badges, for use at conferences or for staff to use to carry ID or security passes. From a security perspective we have cash boxes and key security boxes along with standard safes and waterproof and fire retardant safes. Also in this section is our large work wear category and our safety signs.

Office Environment - Within this section are our waste bins and office bins. These bins sit alongside your desk and are for day to day use. For larger bins suited to kitchens and bathrooms please visit our rubbish bins section. We also have a great selection of desktop and pedestal (floor standing fans) for the few sunny days of British summer time. For the rest of the year our office heaters section has fan heaters, mobile oil radiators and convector heaters to stop icicles forming in the water cooler! Our door mats will stop muddy shoes and boots from ruining office carpets and this category also has clear hard floor protection mats which create a none-slip surface whilst also protecting the floor surface. For all your recycling needs we have a dedicated section which includes general recycling bins and lids along with specific categories for paper recycling and battery collection bins.

Catering Supplies- To many people this is the most important part of the website as it includes our range of tea, coffee and biscuits. Under beverages we have the top tea and coffee brands you’d expect to see including Tetley, Yorkshire Tea, Nescafe and Kenco. Many individuals and companies are becoming increasingly conscious of the Fairtrade products available. Happily, as well as dedicated Fairtrade brands such Clipper and Cafe Direct growing in popularity the major brands are also taking note of this growing trend and producing ranges of Fairtrade products, Nescafe being one such example. As well as hot drinks we also have a big choice of cold beverages including water, Pepsi, Coca-Cola, Britvic and many more. For morning break munchies our biscuits range will satisfy all appetites. Also within this section of the website are kitchen appliances such as kettles and microwaves as well as kitchen utensils and sundries.

Janitorial Supplies - To keep your working space clean and tidy we have a large selection of cleaning and sanitary products. This is a large category with lots of products to choose from so to make searching easier we’ve split down the products into easy to navigate groups. Within the sanitary dispensers category we have toilet tissue, hand towel and soap dispensers. In the sanitary refills category we have all the corresponding refills that go into our dispensers. Within our rubbish bins category we have bins that are perfect for the kitchen such as pedal bins or swing bins and for outdoor use try our wheelie bins manufactured from high density plastics. We also have a broad selection of cleaning products and cleaning equipment designed to cover every aspect of office and workplace cleaning and hygiene.

Postroom and Warehouse - Whether you send the odd parcel or have a dedicated despatch facility that sends good out on a daily basis then we have a solution for you. Cardboard boxes come in either single walled, which are ideal for sending lightweight products or double walled, which are extremely strong and can be used for heavy and bulky items. We also have a great choice of postal boxes which are specifically designed to meet postal size requirements and offer great protection for the box contents as well as being easy to assemble from flat. To prevent items from moving in cardboard boxes during transit a form of packaging is required. The cheapest and often best for the environment is kraft paper or packaging paper. This is available as flat sheets or on a roll and both options have multiple sizes available depending on your requirements. Alternatives to paper are bubble wrap or foam chips. Both are more often than not biodegradable, however they can’t be recycled as easily as paper can be so provide a less ‘Green Friendly’ choice. Paper also has a price advantage over other options which makes it a sensible business choice. Also within this category are plastic storage boxes which are perfect for storage, archiving and for use as removal crates plus many other functions. We have boxes ranging from 9 litre capacity to 105 litre and they can be stacked with or without lids meaning they take up relatively little floor space whilst providing significant storage levels.

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