Fineliner Pens

A fineliner pen is a pen with a narrow tip that is usually made of nylon fibre or plastic. Ink is fed to the tip by capillary action providing a continuous supply of ink when writing or drawing. Fineliner pens provide the user with a very fine writing line as the tip provides a line width of between 0.3mm and 1mm. These pens are ideal for those doing precision drawing work and stencilling such as architects, designers, graphic artists and illustrators.

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Buyers Guide

Fineliner pens are a type of plastic or fibre tip pen that are most often used drawing, sketching or carrying out graphic work. Thanks to the unique feel of the fineliner pen many people choose to write with them instead of using ballpoint or rollerball style pens. A fineliner pen tip is generally longer than other styles of pen and normally has a metal covering that means it can be used with rulers without being bent. Due to their basic construction fineliners are fairly cheap to buy and generally of the disposable variety, although some refillable models are available.

A typical entry level fineliner will use a dye based ink. This type of ink is slower to dry and is water soluble so if any water hits the page you’ve written on it can result in a lot of smudging. They are also less resistant to fading so not ideal for any writing that requires a degree of permanency. The advantage of dye based inks is the colour vibrancy they offer thanks to optical compounds added to the dye. Many slightly more expensive fineliners will use lightfast and waterproof inks which are ideal for technical users. The selection of colours is broad and most manufacturers will produce their pens in the full range of colour options sometimes up to 25 in number.

What are the key features to consider when shopping for a fineliner pen

Tip and Line Width - The tip size which determines the width of line produced is expressed in millimetres (mm) and shown in each pens title. The smallest tips are 0.3mm or 0.4mm and these produce a 0.6mm to 0.8mm line. As a rule the larger the tip size the thicker the line produced although it does vary from brand to brand so it’s always worth double checking before you buy. Although it is fairly standard amongst true fineliner pens it’s also best to ensure the tip is metal clad, this improves the tip strength and allows it to be used with rulers or other drawing equipment.

Cap Off - A feature that is becoming increasingly common across all types of writing instrument is ‘Cap-Off’ or ‘Dry-Safe’. This means that the pen lid can be left off the pen for up to 2 days and the tip won’t dry out.

Ink Type - As discussed above dye based inks are best if you want vibrant, bright colours. The downside here is the time it takes for the ink to dry and the fact that it tends to fade. The alternative is water based ink which dries more quickly and has a higher degree of permanency.

Barrel - Some manufacturers produce ergonomic shaped barrels, such as triangular, that makes the holding of your pen more comfortable. Others employ rubberised barrels or soft grip technology.

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