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Flipchart pens or flipchart markers are specifically designed for use on flipcharts or presentation paper. They have some great features such as no bleed through and dry safe ink, which means if you forget to re-cap you pen it won't dry out. Office Allsorts supply well known brands including Sharpie, Staedtler and Berol as well as our 5 Star range which offers great quality at low prices.

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Buyers Guide

Flipchart pens are made for use with flipchart pads. They come in a variety of colours which are available in either assorted packs or as packs of single colours. The most popular colours are Black, Blue, Red and Green, however others are available and you can get very creative with your flipchart presentation by incorporating a broad colour mix.

What features do you need to consider when shopping for flipchart pens

Nib Type -There are two types of nibs available when it comes to flipchart pens, the bullet tip or the chisel tip. Bullet tip flipchart pens are the most common type available and have a bullet shaped tip that is best used for writing, drawing diagrams and for general use. Chisel tip flipchart pens are the less common as they can be more difficult to use due to their ‘wedge’ shape. Chisel tip pens are often used to create crisp sharp handwriting during presentations or for drawing accurate lines.

Nib Size - Most bullet tip flipchart markers have a relatively thin tip (compared with other marker pens) as they are primarily designed for writing. A standard bullet tip will be 2mm giving a 2mm line width. Other sizes are available, however smaller line widths can be difficult for people to read if they are a distance from the flipchart easel and larger widths can be tricky to write with. Chisel tips quote two sizes for nib size, one for each side of the wedge. The thin side of the wedge is often between 1mm and 1.5mm whereas the thick side is between 4mm and 5mm.

Colour - The choice of colours is relatively limited when compared with other varieties of pens or markers. The usual favourites are all available, Black, Red, Blue and Green and these can be purchased in single packs of one colour or assorted packs.

Cap Off - One popular feature that you will find on some of the branded flipchart pens is cap-off or dry-safe ability. This means that the cap can be left of your pens for up to 2 days and the tip will not dry out. This can be especially useful if you are using your pens in a shared office environment where not everyone is careful to pop the caps back on after use.

Are you buying flipchart pens for a presentation you’re giving? We have a wide range of articles on our blog that can help with presenting tips and ideas as well as which equipment you should be using to make the biggest impact.

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