Flipcharts and Their Uses: Are They Worth Investing In?

When you’re setting up an office, a flipchart may not be one of the first purchases you make. However they can come in extremely useful. Here are some examples of flipcharts and their uses:

In Meetings

Illustrate your meeting points by using a flipchart. The size of the meeting room flipchart that you need will depend on the size of your company. If you have just a handful of staff then a medium sized, easel style flipchart should suffice. However, if you hold larger meetings then an extendible easel style flipchart, such as the 5 Star Premier Mobile Executive Easel may help visibility.

For client meetings or one on ones, a mobile desktop flipchart would be ideal. Or, if you need a larger but still maneuverable flipchart, the Nobo Piranha Flipchart Easel is on castors so that you can wheel it to wherever it is needed with ease.

For Presentations

Flipchart Easel

Flipcharts are a great presentation aid, which you can load with pre-prepared notes, images and diagrams to aid your pitch.

Most flipcharts also combine with a white board, which is great for when you also want to make ad hoc notes. The Nobo Classic Flipchart Easel is simple, affordable and will look great in any office.

Notes and Reminders

Whether you have a workforce, or it’s just you, flipcharts can be useful for ensuring that any important notes and reminders are visible at all time.


The same can be said for targets. Whether they are aimed at your staff, or you simply want to keep yourself on track, visible targets can be helpful and motivating.

Every office should have a flipchart combined with a white board. Once you’ve considered the available flipcharts and their uses, make sure that you get the best price by taking advantage of Office Allsorts’ lowest price guarantee.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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