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Folders and files are fairly similar products with the key difference being the method by which the contents are secured. Folders are for storage of loose leaf papers and usually come without any filing or securing clips. They vary from the very simple square cut folders to folders with elastic closure to keep papers secure and others with pockets inside, again to secure the papers contained inside. Files on the other hand usually have some form of filing or securing mechanism. These are known as transfer spring files, flat bar files, elasticated files and spring files.

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Buyers Guide

Our files and folders section contains a large proportion of the products that fall under the Manila filing banner. The name Manila is taken from the fact that many filing products used to be manufactured from hemp which was primarily supplied from the Philippines where the capital city is Manila.

What to look for when buying manila folders and files.......

Material - Both folders and files are usually made from card (manilla) although for extra durability look for ones made from PVC or polypropylene. They all come in a variety of colours and in sizes A4 and foolscap.

Contents Securing - Manila folders do not have any means of securing their contents such as clip or spring. They are generally open on three sides and can be laid flat on a surface, much the same as a book. This makes inserting and removing paper very simple. They can sometimes be used in conjunction with suspension files and some are even tabbed so the contents of the folder can be noted for easy identification. Manila files are very similar in appearance to manila folders but will have a means of securing the contents of the file. Transfer spring files have a simple spring based mechanism that allows for simple insertion, removal and rearrangement of papers. Also within this category are elasticated files where two bands of elastic material are used to secure the corners of the file. These files often have multiple flaps or pockets inside allowing you to separate contents based on topic.

Size - There are two main sizes of manila folders and files, A4 and Foolscap. Foolscap is approximately ten percent larger than A4 and therefore offers increased storage capacity.

Brand – For a great value and high quality product look for the 5 Star brand, manufactured from heavyweight card to provide durability and security for your paperwork. For higher quality files and folders or for additional features look for Elba, Jelema and Guildhall.

Not found what you’re looking for, we also have a large range of document wallets and lots more filing products to choose from. Alternatively please contact the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833 and we will be happy to help.

If you’re thinking about creating a filing system or would like to improve the one you have our blog has some great articles with tips and advice. Click here to for our blog post ‘How to create a filing system’ .

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