Guillotines and Paper Trimmers

Guillotines and Paper Trimmers are both widely used in offices when there is a requirement to cut paper down in size. Most people will be familiar with using these devices, however many will be using the wrong name as Guillotine is widely used for both types of device. To avoid confusion why not take a look at our buyers guide below.

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Buyers Guide

Although they both do the same job, namely cut paper, there are big differences between a guillotine and a trimmer and which one is most suitable depends on the volume and size of paper you need to cut and the price you want to pay.

Guillotines - Cut paper with a large blade in a vertical cutting motion and in terms of heavy duty use, they score better than trimmers. Manual Guillotines can cut between 8 and 35 pieces of 80gsm paper in one cut and whilst most will cut A4 paper some are designed to cut up to A3 in size. If you need to cut paper that is larger than A3 or you need to cut higher volumes then you are moving away from manual office shredders and into the industrial market.

Some manual guillotines have self sharpening steel blades and all should have blade guards to prevent you from cutting something other than paper. At the top end, some manual guillotines have clamps to secure paper to the cutting board. Many will also have pre-printed measurements on the cutting board to ensure precise and consistent cutting.

Guillotines derive their name from the apparatus made infamous during the French revolution which had a far more unpleasant use than simply cutting paper.

Paper trimmers - Differ from guillotines in that they use a rotary blade mounted on a horizontal bar to cut through the paper. Because of this they are often referred to as rotary blade cutters. Whilst paper trimmers are not quite as ‘industrial’ as guillotines, some can still cut up to 35 sheets of 80gsm paper in one cut and more importantly, whilst guillotines cut up to A3, paper trimmers can cut paper up to A1 in size. Paper trimmers are especially popular for cutting photographs down to size thanks to their precision finish.

Like guillotines, most come with pre-printed measurements in both metric and imperial on the cutting board to ensure precise and consistent cutting. Paper trimmers are ideal if space is limited as they tend to more compact and certainly weigh less than guillotines.

One big advantage of a paper trimmer over a guillotine is the design of the trimmer makes it almost impossible for the user to cut themselves, except when changing the blades. This makes them ideal for school or home use or anywhere where children (or clumsy adults) may have access to the trimmer.

We have a comprehensive range of Guillotines and Paper Trimmers from Avery and HSM.

Best Selling Products

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