Gusset Envelopes

Gusset envelopes are the heavyweights in envelopes as they feature a reinforced gusset bottom and expandable ‘V’ shaped sides to maximise capacity. They are ideal for sending multi-page documents such as catalogues, brochures or reports. Gusset envelopes come in manila or plain white and for extra security all come with peel and seal closure. We stock well known brands including Plus Fabric and New Guardian as well as our own low cost 5 Star brand.

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Buyers Guide

A gusset envelope is used when sending heavy or bulky items through the post. They are particularly suited to large paper based items such as books, catalogues or reports. They are designed for strength and use ribbed manilla paper to ensure the items contained within stay inside the envelope even when passing through the rigours of the postal or courier systems.

Key features to consider when purchasing Gusset envelopes…….

Gusset Size - The gusset, in envelope terms, is the expanding bottom and sides of the envelope. It allows for thicker bulky items to be comfortably inserted into the envelope. The gusset size available varies between envelopes which therefore determines the size of the item they can be used for. By far the most common size is 25mm, this means that the maximum width to which the envelope expands is 25mm or to 2.5cm. Smaller sizes such as 15mm are available as are the larger 50mm and 70mm sizes. Another factor that determines the envelope capacity is the type of base. As with suspension and lateral files there are two options, these being V-Base and Square Base. V-base gusset envelopes taper down in size to point at the bottom of the V, this means that the very bottom of the envelope is not as wide as the top. Square base bottoms expand to give a flat base and this means the envelopes give the same capacity from top to bottom.

Window - Windows for displaying addresses are not a common feature on gusset envelope but are available on a small range of products. As with C4 envelopes the window is positioned in the upper left corner and the envelopes are in portrait format, meaning the opening is on the short edge. For none window envelopes standard addressing labels can be used.

Colour - Choices are limited to either white or manilla (brown), however as with other types of envelope premium brands use high white or brilliant white paper to produce their products. Some manilla gusset envelopes are also covered with a sheen that is designed to provide a higher quality appearance.

Envelope Size - Sizes start from C5 with C4 being very popular as this is the size used to produce many brochures, catalogues and reports. The largest gusset envelopes measure approximately 470x300mm and are perfect for sending large bulky documents. The larger envelopes often also have stronger adhesives to seal the envelope to cope with the extra weight of the items being enclosed.

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