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Highlighter pens or highlighters as they are more commonly known are an essential part of any office. Highlighters are a type of felt-tip pen which are used to make passages of writing stand out with vivid and fluorescent colour. Office Allsorts range includes the top highlighter brands Stabilo and Sharpie as well as our 5 Star economy brand which offer great savings whilst maintaining high quality.

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Highlighter pens or simply highlighters made their first appearance in the early 1970's shortly after the felt tip pen had been invented in Japan.

A highlighters primary function is, unsurprisingly, to highlight text whilst allowing the original text still to be read.

Highlighters are vivid in colour, most, typically fluorescent. The most commonly used colour is yellow with orange, green, blue and pink also being popular choices. Lesser used colours include red and purple. Highlighters are now also available in retractable form or with an eraser on the opposite end of the felt tip.

Highlighters have become highly developed in their functionality and look since their early days. Things to look out for when buying your highlighter pens might be:

  • Tip size and shape – Chisel tips allow users to highlight with a thick or thin line, whilst bullet tips are uniform in line width.
  • Integrated highlighting and ‘flagging’ – Post-it have an integrated highlighter and stick flags in the one highlighter pen.
  • Anti smudge – Stabilo have patented an anti smudge formula which prevents smudging when highlighting inkjet printouts.
  • Long lasting – If you leave the cap off, they will dry out and in some the ink reservoir is small so won’t last.

In terms of brands, look for the following tried and trusted makes:

5 Star Highlighter Pens

Sharpie Highlighter Pens

Stabilo Highlighter Pens

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