Hole Punches

Hole punches are devices used for creating holes in paper to enable them to be filed, organised and stored away safely. With nearly 100 hole punches to choose from in our range you really are spoilt for choice. The most popular type of hole punch are those that create two holes in the paper, however we also supply 4 Hole Punches and eyelet or solo hole punches.

If you’re unsure which hole punch is best for you then please call the Office Allsorts team on 0115 9455833.

Buyers Guide

Hole punches are essentially devices for piercing or creating holes in paper with standard hole punches creating between one or six holes. Having said that the two hole punches are today by far the most common which is a reflection on the fact that most paper that is to be filed will be held in binders or files with two rings to secure the paper in place.

Hole punches are very easy to use and their basic design has remained largely unchanged for many years. A typical hole punch uses a lever to push a bladed cylinder through a number of sheets of paper. As the travel distance of the cylinder is only a few millimetres, it can be positioned within a centimetre of the lever fulcrum. Guidelines on the hole punch ensure the user can correctly line up the paper so the holes punched are situated correctly. A paper tray is used to collect the 'waste' paper generated.

One good tip for prolonging the life of you hole punch is always punch a couple of sheets less then recommend by the manufacturer. This means that the moving parts are not working to their full potential each time and so do not become over strained. If a hole punch becomes strained the result is the punch fails to push all the way through the paper, often leaving the hole slightly perforated rather than being fully punched. The manufacturers of hole punches generally offer anything between a 2 and 5 year guarantee on their products, however if the reason for the hole punch breaking or failing to operate correctly is ‘over-punching’ then the guarantee does not apply.

Types of Hole Punch

Office Allsorts range of hole punches is very extensive so we’ve put together a brief guide detailing what’s available.

Single Hole Punches -Are plier like handheld devices from brands including Rapid and Rapesco.

2 Hole Punches - Are the basic office hole punch. Depending on the model top paper punching capacity can range from 6 to 40 sheets of 80gsm paper.

4 Hole Punches - Offer very similar features to the 2 hole punches with the key difference being they produce more holes making the paper suitable for filing in multi ring binders. Punching capability is again between 6 and 40 sheets of 80gsm paper.

Heavy Duty Hole Punches - Can punch up to 300 sheets of 80gsm paper. Many come with extended levers to aid in effortless operation. They are available in two or four hole versions and can be found by browsing these sections of our site.

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