How to Choose an Office Desk

Choosing a desk seems simple enough until you actually have to do it, and then you realise there’s such a range of choice available that it requires a bit more thought. That’s not to say making the right choice is difficult, only that it’s worth doing some research before you buy.

Having the right office desk can make a big difference to how efficient you or your staff are in a busy working environment. Here are some tips for choosing the right one.


If your office desk is mainly for computer work, consider one specifically designed for the job, with built-in holes for cabling to keep these neatly out of harm’s way. A compartment that slides in and out is good for keyboards and a laminate surface is a very practical choice and one of the most popular. Drawers, though not essential, are invariably welcomed and put to use.


Office Desk

If you need a lot of room to spread out documents, spreadsheets or charts, you obviously need a big surface area. Modern desks are ideal for this, and it also helps to have wide drawers or shelving incorporated, as well as the choice of units with overhead cabinet space.


An ‘L’ shaped office desk is perfect for both work and interviews or meetings, so you don’t have to talk to someone over the top of a PC and can present a free, uncluttered surface. Taken to another level, the ‘U’ shaped office desk provides more space again and can be multi-purpose.

Stand up

No, not a comedy routine but an office desk where you stand while working. These are becoming increasingly popular and are ideal for anyone who has back trouble or wants to maintain a good posture. Enthusiasts of this type of desk say it creates a more dynamic working environment, and there are specially designed stools available to go with the stand up desk.


Laminate surface desks are the popular go-to option because of their durability and affordability. Easy to keep clean and available in a range of colours, as well as wood grain effect. Steel or metal desk are less common but can be a practical choice for workshops or backroom areas which see heavy use. Wooden or veneer desks remain the traditional, elegant choice for some boardrooms and executive office suites. Veneer surface desks are typically less expensive, while wooden desks, with choice of drawers and features such as leather inset or carved edges, can make these an ideal, if more expensive choice of office desk.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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