How to Improve your Work Performance

At Office Allsorts, our goal is to provide you with all the tools necessary for success. We also offer you a low price guarantee. But even with the right office supplies and a comfortable environment, it can be hard to achieve your maximum potential. Everyone has moments of stagnation, where it seems like the work just can’t get done. Read on for a few tips to improving your performance at work.

Change your Attitude

It may sound overly simple, but attitude is one of the most important factors of success. Commit yourself to enjoying each day as much as possible. Even if you don’t love your current job, remind yourself of the positives of the situation- you may be learning much more than you think or on your way to a better position within the company. Or, just be thankful that you’ve got the means to earn a living and support yourself or your family.

Focus on your Health

One of the best ways to feel tired, fatigued, and generally devoid of energy is by eating a poor diet and never exercising. You may have heard it a million times, but it’s true: to enhance any aspect of your life, including your performance at work, you simply have to look after yourself.

Start a gentle exercise routine and make healthy changes to your diet- you may be amazed by the difference in your energy levels and even your mental outlook.

Start the Day Off Right

Now that we’ve a bit of information regarding your integral well-being, it’s important to focus on some actual work practices that will help you be more productive.

When you arrive, immediately tackle any outstanding tasks or things you’ve been putting off. Once you’ve done the thing that is the hardest, most boring or most time-consuming, it will seem like everything else is much easier.

You can then make a realistic list of goals for the day. If you have tasks with a longer timeline, include segments of time on your list to work on them. This will help you avoid any last-minute scrambling when the deadline looms near.

Work First and Then Play

Cyber-slacking is one of the easiest ways to waste time, but of course everyone likes to check their personal email everyone once in a while.

Promise yourself you’ll complete a certain amount of work before checking any personal accounts, and allot only a certain amount of time to anything non-work related. This includes chatting with colleagues or stopping for a snack (although you should plan for some healthy snack breaks throughout the day).

This reward-based system helps you to complete tasks without getting distracted. Even small motivations can be mentally stimulating when it comes to getting things done.

Organise All Paperwork and Supplies

It sounds cliché but an organised office is going to be much easier to work in. Today is the day to sort through all that old paperwork and make the switch to a good filing system. This is where Office Allsorts comes in- we’ve got all the files and labels you could possibly need to make your space more convenient.

Get on Well with Others

Having positive relationships with those you work with can be extremely helpful. But if you don’t get on well with those you share an office with, your work performance can suffer as a result. Focus on building connections with those around you. Often the best way to start is by offering to help. You’ll be laying the foundation for finding the support you might need in the future. Plus, it’s good to try to enjoy the company of those you spend so much time with during the day.


Carl Barton is a director of Office Allsorts who has worked in the office products industry for 15 years.

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