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ID Badges and Name Badges are used for a wide variety of purposes by offices and schools. Whether you need a simple solution for delegates at a conference, a way of identifying visitors or you issue staff members with security badges we have a wide range to fulfil your requirements. Durable UK is the market leader when it comes to this type of product and there range spans the basic clip on name badges to more sophisticated security badges. If you’re looking to purchase a great quality product at a low cost try our economy 5 Star range.

If you need any help selecting your ID Badges or Name Badges or you need a large quantity then please give is a call on 0115 9455833 and one of our friendly team will be happy to assist.

Buyers Guide

Our ID Badges and Name Badges category gives you lots of choice when it comes to selecting the products that are right for you. However, we understand that too much choice and can sometimes make things more confusing so below we outline the key features to consider when purchasing.

ID Badges and Name Badges what to look for........

Clips, Pins or Lanyards - The first point to consider is how the badges are to be worn. Do you want them to be clipped or pinned on to people, normally on the chest, or would you prefer them to hang round peoples necks using a lanyard. This is largely down to personal preference, although clips and pins are probably a little fiddlier to attach than a lanyard they are also less likely to be removed for the same reason. Clips are typically made of plastic and simply attach to a shirt pocket or belt. Pins are made of metal and are curved to help avoid snagging. Lanyards are typically made or material with a clip at the bottom that attaches to the badge. Also within this section are badge reels, these are retractable and the badge attaches by means of a clip again. Reels are generally more expensive than lanyards and also more robust so maybe the best options if you need a security badge solution for permanent staff members.

Badge Material – All name, id, security and visitor badges are made of plastic. The decision comes with the thickness of the plastic and the budget you have. At the entry level we have 5 Star badges which are lightweight and the pricing reflects this. If you are purchasing badges for a conference or exhibition and are expecting a lot of the badges to not be returned then this type of badgeif ideal. For higher quality badges manufactured from a heavier and more robust plastic then consider the Durable range of products.

Durable or 5 Star - As we’ve outlined above the distinction between the two brands is largely price and quality. This is not to say that 5 Star are poor quality but they have been manufactured and priced for those needing large amounts of badges at an affordable price. Durable are the market leaders and produce a high quality product that will last a long time.

If we can provide any more assistance regards name badges and ID badges please don’t hesitate to get in touch on 0115 9455833.

If you are purchasing your name badges for a conference then we have a handy blog post that covers the key points to consider, How to put on a successful conference.

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