Laminators or laminating machines can range in price from as low as £30 for a basic office laminator to over £1000 for a heavy duty roll laminating machine. We have a great range of laminators at discount prices with savings as high as 70% on top laminating machine brands such as GBC. We also supply a wide selection of laminating pouches at everyday low prices.

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Buyers Guide

A laminator is a machine used to seal documents in plastic through the application of glue or heat or pressure to ensure the document is protected from damage caused by continuous use, exposure to moisture or dirt.

It’s common to use laminators to protect ID cards, information leaflets, health and safety notices and posters and any notices that are to be put in kitchens or bathrooms.

There are two main types of laminators, these being:

Pouch Laminators

These are relatively inexpensive and are the most common type of laminator found in offices. Documents are placed in pouches which are then fed into the laminator. Pouch laminators use heat to melt glue on the inside surfaces of the pouch, causing the plastic film to adhere to the object being laminated and seals the document pouch at the edges. Pouch laminators have a minimum number of 2 rollers which squeeze out any air bubbles. The more expensive pouch laminators have 6 rollers to produce the best results.

Roll Laminators

These come in two types, Hot Roll Laminators and Cold Roll Laminators. They work similarly to pouch laminators except the document to be laminated is placed in between two rolls of laminating film.

Hot roll laminators - Designed for high volume or industrial use and as the laminating process is not limited to the size of the pouch, hot roll laminators can be used to laminate large banners or print work.

Cold roll laminators - Use an adhesive coated plastic film and lamination is pressure activated as the film passes through rollers avoiding the use of heat. Cold roll laminators are necessary if you need to laminate things which might be damaged by heat such as wax based ink or fabrics, vinyl or low temperature melt plastics. In addition, many large format inkjet printers use ink which is susceptible to damage by heat caused by Heated Roll Lamination.

Laminating supplies

Includes laminating pouches and laminating film.

Laminating Pouch thickness is measured in microns (1 micron being 1/1000th of an inch). The thicker the pouch, the more rigid the finished lamination with thicknesses being between 150 micron and 500 micron, be aware though that some thinner pouches can’t always tolerate the higher range of temperatures that the thicker ones can.

Laminating pouches are available in gloss or matt finishes. A gloss finish is great for clarity and impact and is ideal for photos, presentation packs and reports. Matt finish pouches are used for material which is to go outside or in brightly lit areas where light reflection may be an issue. In addition, look to see whether the laminating pouch has rounded or pointed corners, the thinking being that the rounded corners are ‘safer’ to handle.

Laminating film rolls also come in gloss and matt finishes and are available in much larger sizes than laminating pouches which only go up to A2.

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