Lateral Filing

The Lateral Filing system is designed for high density filing in cupboards such as Bisley. Lateral files have front or side access enabling more than one person to use them simultaneously. As with suspension files they come in two main types, those being V-Base and Square Base. Square base lateral files accommodate more paper as the bottom of the file expands into a flat surface.

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Buyers Guide

Lateral filing is best for offices with limited space or for files that require regular access. Horizontal lateral files take up less space and are therefore the best solution for small offices. Lateral filling cabinets are available in a wide selection of widths and heights and can even be used as a functional room divider.

What should you look for when purchasing Lateral Files……..

Colour Choice - Many colours are available so that you can colour code your filing system to aid in organisation which facilitates quicker identification and speed of retrieval.

Cupboard Compatibility - Most filing chassis within cupboards are adjustable so the majority or lateral files will be compatible. However, if you already have an existing filing system, ensure that you buy the correct size. Measure an existing file from centre to centre of the runner hooks, then purchase files of the same size.

Durability - Lateral files are manufactured from either cardboard, which may also be referred to as Manilla or Kraft by some manufacturers, or plastic (polypropylene). Cardboard files come in a range of thickness options and this is expressed by ‘GSM’ within the product description. The higher the GSM the thicker the cardboard and the more durable the file will be. More durable files should be purchased if you will be using them frequently or storing a lot of paper in each of them. Thinner files can become worn under constant use and can even start to tear if too much paper is held in them. A step up from cardboard files are those manufactured from plastic which can also be called polypropylene. These offer increased durability and can last up to five times longer than cardboard lateral files.

Filing Capacity - Lateral files are available in both V-base and square base format. This refers to shape of the bottom of the file. A V-base lateral file has a 15mm capacity and will hold approx 150 sheets of 80gsm paper. Square base files effectively expand when paper is added thereby creating extra storage capacity. They are available in 30mm and 50mm versions which relates to the size of the base when expanded. 30mm files can hold approximately 300 sheets of 80gsm paper and 50mm files can hold 500 sheets.

Environmentally Friendly - Many of the cardboard lateral files are manufactured from recycled material . Some are 100% recycled whereas others may only be part recycled which is mixed with virgin pulp. Environmental properties of each product are detailed within the specifications.

For filing tips and advice why not take a look at our blog which has lots of useful information on all things office related.

Best Selling Products

£2.75 EX VAT

(£3.30 INC VAT)

13% Saving off RRP


£5.17 EX VAT

(£6.20 INC VAT)

8% Saving off RRP


£98.40 EX VAT

(£118.08 INC VAT)

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