Literature Holders

Literature holders or literature stands vary significantly in size, construction and intended use and can be used in the workplace or for trade shows and exhibitions. From counter top displays for small leaflets to all encompassing, floor standing, carousel displays for magazines sized literature, we stock a comprehensive range from manufacturers such as Deflecto, Fast Paper and Durable.

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Buyers Guide

Literature holders are ideal if you wish to promote your company to visitors to the workplace but equally, if you want a central point for your employees to pick up useful information and company communications. Literature holders are used extensively in the hospitality industry such as hotels and tourist centres to display local services, attractions and places of interest.

What should you look for when purchasing literature holders…..

Size - Size covers two aspects to consider when purchasing a literature holder. Firstly what size will the material be that you intend to display and how much do wish to the holder to hold. Literature holders are available that are suited to everything from business cards up to A1 size posters. Coupled with this you can also choose the capacity of the holders by selecting the number of tiers or pockets you holder will have.

Mounting Options - Many literature holders are either desktop or floor standing so they can be positioned where ever you feel they will be most effective or useful for people. If you select a literature holder that needs to be mounted you have three options for how this can be done. The most common is simply screwing the unit to a wall. Holders designed for this will have pre-drilled holes and contain all the screws and instructions to mount the unit quickly. The second option is selecting a literature holder than has a self adhesive backing. The Durable Duraframe is a good example of this. Finally, some literature holders are now available that can be hung from cables that are attached to the floor and ceiling. We supply the Sigel range of products that are designed for this style of mounting. It offers a professional appearance a creates an attractive display feature.

Material - Literature holders can be constructed from Perspex, metal or plastic. Generally, the larger units such as floor standing will be made of metal whilst those that are to be wall mounted will be made of lightweight plastic or Perspex.

Best Selling Products

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